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Heavy Metal -- not for the weak and sickly 
8th-Dec-2008 03:11 pm
Well, this particular "Heavy Metal" would have been fine -- it was the WEATHER that defeated me.

A friend was playing in the Tuba Christmas taking place in downtown Ann Arbor on Sunday, so I really couldn't NOT go.

Unfortunately, this was an "outdoors" concert.

I think the weather was under 20° F. I really pitied the band members -- especially the four who, due to "tradition", were wearing shorts.

I'm "always" cold. Last night, the thermometer in my room reported 75°, but my arm reported "goosebumps" and my knees were vibrating.

Yeah, I should have been wearing more than one pair of socks. I should have thought of my boots... except I really can't drive wearing them, and I'm usually cold even when wearing them. I should have thought of my ski pants (which I think I've not worn in about 13 years). I should have thought of wearing tights under my pants. But I didn't. And I'd probably have been cold anyhow. The jury is out as to whether I'd have been less cold, and whether it would have mattered. I was wearing a scarf, a "bomber" hat (with the flaps down), and gloves. We were milling around a bit before the concert began at 2. At about 2:30 I told the spouse that as soon as it was over I was going to make a break for the coffee shop across the street (where I started the day with a warm drink -- that kept me going through the first 10 minutes or so), but that I WOULD wait until then. I even stayed despite the smokers. At 2:42 I couldn't take it any more, excused myself and hobbled over to the store.

The largest disappointment was that I couldn't hear the tubas etc. except when the door was open -- and they played one of my favorites after I left. At least one of the members of the band joined me in the coffee shop to try to un-stick one of his valves, which had frozen in the depressed position. Well, that and the fact that my departure meant I was deserting 4 friends and assorted kids. And being a wimp.

About 20 minutes after I got there, I thawed enough that every part of my body that wasn't nailed down, including some that I don't generally think of as mobile, started vibrating. A bit later, after hobbling to the car, I drove the spouse to a restaurant... there was no mobility in those clubs attached to my knees. I was mostly driving from the hip. After we finished with dinner, they hurt, but I had feet again.

To say I hate being a wimp does not begin to describe how strongly I feel.

But the portion of the concert that I heard was really good.
9th-Dec-2008 05:18 pm (UTC)
Considering how little body-mass you ave compared to the rest of the crowd, you're the most at risk for getting Too Damn Cold. I'm sorry you didn't get to hear all of the tunes, but I'm glad you didn't risk your health just for a little heavy metal music.
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