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Lubricant or tool desired to facilitate plastic on plastic action.

I bought a device (motion sensor for the porch light) a while back, and there is one piece attached to another, kind of like a tongue in groove. All plastic.

In the comfort of my living room, with the best possible angle, I was unable to shove the tongue bit all the way into the groove bit. Got it most of the way, but it jammed, and I neglected to realize the problem with this.

Now, mounted above my head, with cold weather surrounding me, I need to replace the batteries. This will either involve removing it, or shoving it the rest of the way in, which _might_ allow the battery cover to open.

Needless to say, I'm currently not able. I tried prying, but (1) I can't get a good angle, (2) the plastic I'm prying against is not tough, and (3) the object isn't moving at all.

I really don't want to unscrew it from the wall, enabling me to bring it all inside, so I'm looking for some sort of lubricant I can spray which will work it's way into the groove and loosen things up. Or other advice.

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