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Slow on the draw, voting 
10th-Nov-2008 09:48 am
Music, Travel
On election day I actually wore my "I Voted" sticker. I usually don't even pick one up, but this time I did.

Ex-boss and I took the campus bus into town, and we sat across from a young man with a "Have you voted?" sign taped to his back. On his front was a sign that read:

Vote for Barack Obama
Vote for John McCain
Write in Darth Vader for all I care
Just vote.

The picture above it was one of Vader.

As we were pulling up to our stop I realized that I had my cell phone with, and had I thought of it sooner, I might have been able to take his picture.

And then today there was snow on the ground. And the radio was warning of black ice, and accidents on M-14, I-75, and I-696.

That "Cold Day" that had the student body so energized just took about a week to arrive, I guess.
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