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The state of my health has taken an interesting dance-step sideways. I think I like it.

For over a year my "I need more sleep" has been in full force, and tasks like "driving after dark" (which I need to do most of the winter just coming home from work) have been challenging.

Within the last 2 weeks, I've noticed that the recently-usual "brain off" has not been present.

What's changed? Um... a new phase of battle in the war with my hormones? Perhaps. A new occasional "dietary supplement"? Perhaps. That last causing me to not be using another non-food? Perhaps. This supplement changing my chemistry so that all the caffeine I consume is now for the first time causing me to react like normal people? Perhaps. I just know I like it. Last night for the first time in quite a while I willingly chose to drive after dark although I could have given the reins to someone else.

Recently I got an e-mail indicating that I had been selected for a certain task. After confirming that this was "for real", I studied the provided information, signed the required document, wondered why *I* had been chosen... No, it does not (in the least) play to my strengths, but if I were summoned, I would grow in several ways. (Unless I fell on my face.) Heh. Trying to figure why I got the mail I came up with several scenarios. The one I missed is, however, likely the truth. From listening over the cubicle walls yesterday, *everyone* in my workplace got the same e-mail.
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