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I'm not making this up you know... 
22nd-Oct-2008 04:05 pm
I was just at an all-staff meeting that was both being recorded and simulcast.

I erupted in an involuntary and loud snort.

The meeting was to discuss a new reporting environment/technique/etc., and a grid was being displayed to join users with the appropriate environment/technique/etc.

The rows on the grid were related to the different sorts of people we have who might want information -- from power users to upper level managers to assistants.

The columns on the grid were"

Who is the user? (Ok, that makes sense.)
What does the user want to know? (Good info to have.)
Where do we want the user to go? (...)
23rd-Oct-2008 03:35 pm (UTC)
Oh my. That's just too ... too.

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