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28th-Aug-2008 06:44 pm
Left work about 6pm today. I've been parking in 2 lots other than the one I've been vandalized in, and today's was across the stadium parking lot. There was a truck with some bottled spring water on pallets unloaded... blocking the way I'd normally drive out. Then there was another truck, and just outside of the open rear end was a ... I guess it's a car. I didn't really look. I was planning whether or not I would get dinner, how I'd be doing the work from home that I'll need to do tonight, and hopefully get some other stuff I'm obliged to do done as well. I was figuring how many of the things I really should do I'd have to set aside.

I half noticed the guy standing behind it, and the guy swinging underneath it. My only thought at this time was "and this is why I hate wearing skirts and dresses -- I couldn't just climb under a car". Took about 4 more steps, and the COLOR of the car sunk in.

Bright yellow. Low to the ground. Black stuff across the top of it. I KNOW WHAT THIS IS!!!

It was Momentum. The UM Solar car from 2005. I think she took 3rd place in Australia.

They'll be running a different car there next year. (I don't think I can go out to watch. Shame it couldn't be a trip that would run up against WorldCon the _following_ year.) The kid who was underneath plans to be there.

I asked if they were going to be doing stuff with it tomorrow, and they said no, it would be tonight. I guess there must be some football related hoo-hah going on and they're one of the entertainments. Glad I left when I did. I'd be quite irritated if my car were towed because I was still at work!

I think I saw a prior car on display -- perhaps at Henry Ford -- perhaps a decade and a half ago -- but -wow-. Busy or not, it was well worth a couple of minutes to chat with a couple of guys and see such an historic car up close and personal.
28th-Aug-2008 11:13 pm (UTC)
Oh, cool.

And yep, it's the home football opener on Saturday, so please vacate your UM permit-only lots (especially the SC lots on south campus) by 11pm Friday night. There was a Facilities notice about this nonsense; need a copy?
30th-Aug-2008 08:00 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I appreciate the copy you sent.

Well, 11pm is better than it could be. I'm _usually_ gone by then.
31st-Aug-2008 03:08 pm (UTC)
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