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Musings on the day 
12th-Oct-2006 10:24 am
It's October -- the first half of October -- and there was snow on the ground, and falling, as I drove to work.

I'm being public in a private sort of way. I've started this little blog here... and I have only told 2 people -- folks whom I don't expect to get on-line and check. But still a bunch of folks have found me.

A good while ago -- perhaps years -- the spouse created an LJ account -- to make it easier to keep up on certain folks, but somehow never told me the id used . I was curious, so went hunting, but didn't find it.

When I created this account, I didn't even mention I had. But have posted to places that I expect the spouse to read, so I'm not being that surreptitious.

I perused the "friends" list of several people I expected the spouse to have friended -- and did not notice any of the ids I would suspect. Forgive me -- it was there on one -- but so were some 300 other folks, and I just missed it.

But it's making me think... how does the fact that people know who you are change what you might post. Do you say things for the purpose of being "overheard" so some of what you say will be transmitted to others? Do you not-say things because you know that they'll travel to ears you would rather they not. With one exception, I think I know everyone I've chatted with in LJ ftf. (And it's possible I know that one but just haven't put it together yet.)

There are 2 folks I've been following who I've noticed are not quite the same on-LJ as I expected them to be. It's nice to see other dimensions to people.

In a bizarre twist, I'm actually hoping that LJ will save me time. See, I used to try to keep up on comics/news/journals -- but the last time I was truly caught up was November of 2003. Travelling, upgrades happening at work, life intervening -- these all conspired against me. Eventually I signed up for $10/year to e-mail me all the comics I could. Dilbert wasn't delivered (although I've signed up for it (free) within the last few months), and some things (like UF, K&K, Sluggy, or Freefall) I've not figured out how to get delivered, so I'm nearly 3 years behind. The ones that are mailed to me, it doesn't usually take more than a month for me to process. And I haven't found the time to go back and grab the comics (& journals) I'm missing. But, the fact that I'm not falling further behind on one of the journals I followed will help when I start to catch up. (Which I'm stubborn enough I will do.) Similarly, when someone would mention *something* going on in someone's life, I'd "need" to find the time to go on-line and figure out all I could. I'm hoping that by staying plugged in to as many folk as I can, fewer of these "ack -- what????" moments will hit me.

Today is our anniversary. 10 years. And my "fortune" when I signed onto the e-mail server today was:

Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse.

Wonder if that means anything?
12th-Oct-2006 03:44 pm (UTC)
It means don't leave the things you consdider important to themselves. :)
12th-Oct-2006 04:00 pm (UTC)
Happy Anniversary!

So what's his lj id? :)
13th-Oct-2006 04:24 am (UTC)
Happy Anniversary!

I suspect a bunch of folks have found you because your username is easily identifiable. IIRC, I saw a comment you made on someone else's journal, the ears perked, I checked your userinfo, said, "Aha, I was right!" and immediately friended you.

I've loosened up considerably on LJ since I started. Originally I was ultra-paranoid and anything that even tangentially mentioned personal information was friendslocked. Now I mostly lock things that contain sensitive information (like how well we did at a given event) which I'd rather J. Random Stranger not be able to see.

I also don't normally air drama issues on LJ, even in a locked post. If I need to talk about things like that, it's much safer to call someone on the phone and vent. This is still part of the whole paranoid thing -- even a locked post could be hacked if someone wanted to badly enough. If I post something publicly, I am aware that anyone who sees my journal could read it; perversely, this makes me more rather than less likely to post political stuff, because I refuse to be ashamed of my political and social opinions. But when it might hurt someone else, it doesn't go here.
13th-Oct-2006 03:22 pm (UTC) - Thanks
Yeah -- I wanted to be found if someone wanted to find me. Didn't want to be public, but wanted to be available.

I think I'm too paranoid to talk much about politics -- even in person/private with friends. At least usually. If someone gets me going ... I tend to answer direct questions. I am glad that some of the people I read do talk politics. (That was, somehow ;-), not something that surprised me about you.)

Back in the dorm I wore all sorts of pins & buttons, and was harrassed enough that I became completely demoralized. Didn't give up on the issues, but learned to keep my mouth shut.

And now, for example, when a student (I tutor ESL as a volunteer) asks me my political (or religious) feelings, I'm more likely to sidestep and say "these are the sides to that issue as I am aware" and only give them my feelings if they ask again. (Had one student quit my class, I think when she realized that her proselytizing wasn't going to convert me. Oh well.)
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