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more baby steps 
16th-Jul-2008 04:05 pm
I'm trying to get rid of/recycle some of the old "stuff" at work. Stuff that "Nobody" could possibly have a use for now, but which I can't convince myself that it might not be sheer treasure to someone. I "know" that just because someone might eventually want something (like an old membership booklet for a defunct con) doesn't mean that _I_ need to save it... but all too often nobody else has, so I feel a bit of obligation.

ISPF/SDSF guide.
info for a new Mark IV release (#11) -- pre 1988 & training material from June of 1978. (Including some cool sketches)
Misc Banyan Vines Network Management and Administration & Mail guides.
Various "design a Mark IV program" templates -- whole tablets full of them.
PMSS documentation

And then the tiny booklets -- tri-folded or whatever:
IBM System 370 Reference Summary
Syncsort X 2
OS/VS2 TSO Command Language Reference Summary
Mark IV Specifications Digest booklet, Quick Reference Folder X 4
IMS/VS Reference Card, Application Programming Reference Summary
Intel 8080 Assembly Language Reference Card (March 1976)
CA-JCLCHECK Reference Summary
The Librarian Handbook
ADR/Look, Look Reference Card
UCC Ten Data Dictionary/Manager
Roscoe RPF language handbook X 2
Candle Quick References: CL/Conference, CL/Supersession, CL/Supersession with CL/Gateway
CA-Examine (2.1 & 3.0) Reference Summary
ISPF/PDF Edit and Edit Macros Command Summary for MVS, PDF Command Summary, Reference Summary
IBM OS Pl/I Checkout and Optimizing... (from 1974)
Ramis II Quick Reference Booklet

I did throw out some Beyond Mail documentation. I figure I'm saving someone who might be interested in that...

And there is just NO WAY I can get rid of the HP Document Holder user Manual. It's about 4 inches square, and has a different language on each page: English, Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Hungarian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portugese, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Russian, Greek, Chinese (1=sc), Chinese (2=tc), Japanese, Korean, ... possibly an Indian language?..., Arabic, and Hebrew. Wow! How cool is that!

So... if there's anything in that pile that someone can't live without -- that they didn't even know still existed, or that they think is just too funny to pass up, let me know. And if I still have it, you may have gotten yourself a piece of history.
17th-Jul-2008 05:51 pm (UTC)
*snort* I'm not even getting into the stuff I have at home... (which includes the Ramis manuals I scavenged over a decade ago... which I took home when I got moved into a small cubicle with no storage.)
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