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More Baby Steps on housework and packratism

Any normal person will find this foolish, but I'm struggling to clean out the spare bedroom. Before October. I've been working on it for a few months already.

I'd been using the futon, opened into a bed, as a sorting-place for stuff. But it seems if I have 20 items, I'll have at least 18 categories to put them in, so that's kind of tough to make sorting progress.

But I've now put everything from the top of the futon into about a dozen boxes each of which contains "similar" things. "Similar" is in quotes, because I've decided that maps are "similar to" recipes.

I've also gone through 2 or 3 boxes of "stuff" that had been next to the futon -- most of them old mail -- some of which is bills and statements that I'll want to file, some of them begs, some of them thanks for donations to said begs, emptying them into the dozen boxes atop the futon.

It's pretty easy to recycle old begs, but then there are the free gifts they sent to induce me to pay them. (That sort of guilt doesn't work on me; I happily use mailing labels from people I've not sent money to.) Then there are the calendars from the Ark. I saved them for a long time, and I really hate throwing them away, but I have just too bloody much paper, and it's not like I'm likely to ever wonder who was playing there on March 14th, 1998. (Of course, I kick myself mightily when I recycle a calendar, and then one of the people who'd been pictured on it dies.)

Recently, though, I took what was actually a big step for me. I "always" staple all my receipts to the credit card statements they belong to. I came across a huge stack of unprocessed receipts from 2004. AND DECIDED TO RECYCLE THEM. UNSTAPLED! *gulp*
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