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3 things meme 
30th-Jun-2008 11:46 am
Music, Travel
Stolen from many

* Post 3 things you've done that you believe nobody else on your F-list has done.
* If anybody responds with "I've done that," add another thing.
* Encourage your friends to paste this into their own journal to list the unique things they've done.

(1) While living in England, the bicycle I was riding was struck by an (American) driver (who was speeding). The rear tire was bent into a right angle. I sailed up into the air, landed, picked up the bike and made it across the road (I'd been turning right) before the oncoming lorry got there. The house I was in front of had American residents.

(2) While walking home from the midnight showing of Rocky Horror (in costume) I got honked at by some guys in a car. A cop car.

(3) Just out of high school, I went with a friend (exactly 3 years my junior) to Massachusetts for a cultural purpose. Yes, we went to museums and parks and stayed in a youth hostel, but what I really remember was visiting Tom Lehrer, who was a very gracious host.
30th-Jun-2008 04:26 pm (UTC)


30th-Jun-2008 04:48 pm (UTC)
You've met Tom Lehrer? OMG! ::envy::
1st-Jul-2008 05:19 pm (UTC)
I even took his picture. He smiles like Leonard Nimoy. Had a piano in his living room, and a zillion albums. And he talked about having just found the receipt from the first album he recorded... as I recall, to rent the studio and do all that whatnot, it cost $26.00.
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