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Guess I'm turning into a curmudgeon. (Ok, ok. Maybe I'm finally admitting to it.)

Went to the movies with The Spouse today.

Proof positive that I'm out of the loop with respect to theaters and movies:

* Realized that I'd probably been to Ziebart (once a year for 15 years) more often than I'd been to that theater.

* Was amazed at the commercials before-hand. I was used to the still photos of local businesses, interspersed with cute trivia questions. And when the movie got close a stupid animated "don't smoke, don't throw food, and here are the exits" reel. Was not expecting real acted and shoot-em-up commercials.

* Expected about 20 minutes worth of previews. We got ONE PREVIEW -- under 5 minutes.

** This preview took a movie (Dark Knight) that I'd been thinking might be kind of fun ... not quite down to "must miss" category, but certainly down to "don't bother unless it's a group and that's the only thing we can agree on".)

Oh yeah -- we saw Iron Man. I started reading the comic late in the game, and stopped reading a long time ago, so I don't know how much canon they utilized, but I thought the guy who did Tony did a good job... and I didn't like him at all during the first half of the movie.
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