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Feh. First I woke up at way-too-bloody-early in order to get the car in for a few pieces of mini-maintenance.

When I was last talking to them about getting the daytime drivers disabled, one suggestion the mechanic had was that I could trick the e-brake switch into thinking it was always on, which would mean I'd always have a warning dash light, and that if there were ever a brake problem, my dash wouldn't tell me anything different. I agreed that I didn't want that. But today I wanted them to put a switch on it, so that if I flipped the switch before I started the car I'd have the above problems, but most of the time the DRLs would just behave normally. Well, the mechanic told me that he's never done that and he is flat out not willing to. Ok -- at that point I went from needing to be on the shuttle to if they can do my other task soon, I'll just take my car.

The other thing I needed was for them to replace the key that they cut badly last time (it works in one direction) with one that was correct. About an hour after I got there, he came and said they had a problem. See, it looks like I have 5 keys for this car (the 2 masters I got originally plus the 3 I had burned last time) and that is the max for their computer. No, they can't just delete the one that was wrong and replace it -- when it's maxed out they have to delete them all. I asked "what about the valet key". Oh, he says, that one is not chipped. I couldn't control my incredulous scorn as I said "it's not chipped, but it can still be used to drive the car???". "Oh, let me ask," he said. When he got back out he had changed his tune from "there is a max of 5" to "you have 6 keys". He at one point said that when the 3 keys were burned, since the one my spouse has was not there, it would no longer work. (Not true!) His current tune is that I would need to bring in all the keys (including those that are in others' possession) in order for them to wipe them all and then re-program them all.

At that I just said "No, it's good enough". I figured that was too much hassle -- and too much time out of my days. He said he wanted to make it right for me, and wondered if he could come get the keys, or if they could give me a loaner or ... Just no. It can be used as a key, but since I'd spent so much on it, I wanted it to be "right". I didn't expect it to be a huge hairy deal.

The final thing, which I took care of (1 out of 3 ain't bad?) while waiting, was getting my touch-up paint. I'd ordered it 1.5 - 2 months ago, and they'd never called. The guy couldn't find it in the back. He took my VIN. It wasn't listed. He found the code for the paint, and discovered that they actually had some in stock. So when it came in, it was not set aside for me. But I got it anyhow, so while I'm annoyed I'm not upset. And he even trusted me enough that I could walk off with the paint and then pay rather than coming back and proving I'd paid.

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