mbumby (mbumby) wrote,

Klutzy Yesterday

Yes, I'm still alive. Still about a week behind in reading LJ.

The day started off with me getting up early so I could fill the tank, pulling into a gas station (only $3.98) and discovering that all the pumps were out of service. And once I managed to pull back onto the road I sat idling for about 20 minutes while the single lane road was co-opted for construction traffic. (Luckily I had my book. Had I realized it would take so long I'd have turned off the engine. Luckily I had enough gas remaining to get me through that. And the gas station I eventually filled at only cost $3.99.)

After I got home from work, I was doing dishes, and managed to give myself quite a cut just above the nail on one of my fingers. About 1/2 inch long. But since it stopped bleeding I decided not to take the time to take it to a doctor.

But I was tired, and I let reflexes take over, and just before going to bed I was flossing my teeth... and too late remembered that I'm not supposed to floss near the temporary crown. Oops. So I got up way too early (for me) this morning in order to show up at the dentist (and actually was so tired that I drove past the office and didn't even notice) as they opened. The dentist who shares an office with mine put me back together within half an hour, and I made it to work before 9.
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