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I still haven't recovered from PenguiCon weekend, and my skip is over 500. *sigh*

Just made my first appointment to get maintenance done on the new car -- various parts installed, the first oil change (I'll figure out how to do that later), a few spare keys made...

(The keys cost an OBSCENE amount. The keys themselves are grossly expensive, and if I want to be able to use them to drive the car they cost even more and take a half hour each to program.)

And I asked about disabling the automatic-on headlights. And they said that it's a safety issue, and government regulated, and they can't do that. (I had already figured out that they didn't make it easy on us.) This is going to be an issue "soon" if we take my car to do the Labor Day bridge walk -- and want to leave the camp site at 0-dark-thirty and I don't want to be rude to other campers. Grumble.

And while I can buy the shop manuals, it's no longer as friendly as it was 15 years ago. Instead of 2, there are now 5 of them, and they cost close to $150 each. I'm thinking maybe I should only buy the body (interior) and electrical ones, leaving the heavy lifting of the engine, suspension and transmission, and emission to the pros.
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