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Do Not Want! 
17th-Apr-2008 07:16 pm
First, let me apologize to all whom I read -- I'm still not recovered from FKO and sundry busy-ness last weekend, so I'm at skip=400 or so -- and I'll be gone much of this weekend, so I'm going to get further behind, and might not comment on things I would otherwise.

My car is now 2 months and one day old. When she was just over 1 month old, I found a dent in the front. As near as I can figure, while parking, I pulled up too far and found a wooden stake obscured by a snow-drift that I misjudged the location of.

Today I left for some lunchtime appointments, and coming back from the last of them at about 1pm saw nothing wrong. But when I left work today at about 7pm I saw the white stripe across most of my front door and some of my back.

I think someone keyed my car today.
18th-Apr-2008 12:13 am (UTC)
Oh, honey, that sucks! I'm so bummed for you! Geez, don't you wish the car had a built-in defensive mechanism, like a skunk's, so that when provoked it would spray a nasty -- and long-lasting -- odor on the perpetrator?

You've got my condolences, Margaret.
18th-Apr-2008 12:45 am (UTC)
Ok, the thought of that gave me my first good laugh since I noticed.

I like the way you think!
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