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Purchase committed

After driving a bunch of new cars, all of which were disappointing in several ways, and a couple of used cars, which were annoying or depressing, I decided that I really didn't want a project, I wanted a car, so I decided to go with something new.

Went to the dealer, knowing that since my tastes are so "out there" that there was NO way I'd be driving one home.

They happened to have one manual transmission one on the lot -- they'd received it yesterday -- on the back end of a trade -- and while it's missing one of the "really cool but very expensive" items, it was exactly the car I'd have wanted. Although the color is the least important part of it, it was even in the color I would have wanted!

One of the guys there, who is himself just starting to learn about this car was reading about some of the points.

One received a "VERY GOOD" from me -- Unlike any of the Corollas they've made since they retired the body-type that started with the 1993 I last bought, it has FOLDING MIRRORS. Very handy for a small garage.

The "BIG GRUMBLE" it got was that it has daytime running lights. I turn my headlights on during the day anyhow, and I'm enough of a control freak to be able to want to turn them OFF. The spouse's car has daytime runners, and trucks don't notice you turning off the headlights to say "you're past me". Also, when approaching a military gate, they want you to turn the lights off, and one just can't. Also, when leaving a campground really early in the morning, it's polite to not shine headlights into all the neighbor tents. Also, when approaching an astronomical observation location, it's polite to not have ones headlights on. Yes, I do all of these things. In the spouse's car, applying the e-brake is enough to turn them off, but this car is a little more clever, thus harder to outsmart: If the e-brake is on when the car is started, the lights stay off -- until the e-brake is turned off -- at which point they come on and do not go back off. If they're not very bright, this may be less of an issue, but I have yet to see them in the dark.

The "Mini Grumbles" are that one cannot display the odometer or trip odometer unless the car is on, and they occupy the same location.

The "I don't know HOW I feel about this" is the oil filter. I do my own oil. I haven't found the filter yet. It's not a normal filter. You just replace the guts (and the gasket) -- the outside of it isn't thrown away. In any case, I'll need a SST for that. And help finding it and coaching to be able to do it right. I'm all for less waste! But I don't like it when I don't understand something.

And now I have to jump through all the hoops for the insurance company so they'll cover it and the registration will go through, and all of that.
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