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GaFilk, etc.

Last weekend I took Friday off of work and flew off for GaFilk.

A good time was surely had -- although I missed most of it. Bed at about 11pm on Friday, about midnight on Saturday. (Continuing that, it was about a quarter after 10 when I crashed last night, and then I just didn't wake up this morning until the spouse spoke the time. I think the alarm merged in with my violent dreams.)

I did attend most of the concerts, although missed all of the open filk.

Some of the highlights of the weekend:

Flying with knitting needles and not having them taken away.
Listening to (and chatting with) Peter Beagle.
Understanding when Cat signed that Kathy's cross stitch was *beautiful*.
Getting to hear the BroBards live -- and meeting them.
Finishing a book that I've owned for over 8 years, but only recently had time to start: Fool's War by Sarah Zettel. **Fantastic**
Walking from D to T in ATL -- and back again.
Many good hugs.
... including one from Peter Beagle.

The only disappointments I had were not being able to stay up longer and partake of the music, and not having the nerve to claim a promised hug... or to request/offer hugs from/to some people whom I don't know well...
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