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It's cold today. The radio said +4 (F) with a wind chill of 0. I started the car, turned on the rear window defroster, and started scraping. 5 minutes later, having done the others, I got around to the back window and had to double-check that I *had* turned it on, because it had not yet begun to melt the frost. I got within a mile of work -- about a half-hour drive -- and I could still see my breath.

I've been making sandwiches for lunch at work this week. 2 observations. (1) I really do save things forever, and (2) it's a good thing that plastic lasts forever. The brand name on the sandwich bags I'm using? "Pace Membership Warehouse".

My usual style is to drag out of bed at 8, which has me getting to work by 9. The last 2 mornings I've been getting up darn close to 7. And getting to work by 8:30. And yesterday it was darn near 6pm when I left. (That's standard, and one of the reasons I have pretty much no incentive to show up early.)
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