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Either it's cold outside 
29th-Nov-2007 10:04 pm
Or our small neighbors are wimps.

I got home at 9 or so this evening. Walked through the kitchen which had a light turned on, toward the steps which didn't. At one point I saw something move. Didn't hear a thing. Wondered if it was perhaps a leaf, or if I'd kicked something that rolled... but the trajectory was wrong. Spouse was upstairs, heard my commentary, put on shoes, and came down. I pointed at where I'd last seen motion and he confirmed that we have a mouse. *sigh*

The last time I had a mouse was in the trailer, and that was the year that it was -17 F. -50 with wind chill. My heat tape was working but the pipes still froze. And I found "sign" there, but never saw the critter. Here, other than a few items appearing to have fallen over while we were at 'Bana, I've seen no sign at all. Well, I've not seen the critter either, but I've seen it's shadow.

If you've seen the inside of my house, you might be surprised that I can find the bed, the stove or the fridge, but I went right to the live traps that I bought back in the trailer and baited one. And now I wait. And walk more carefully.
30th-Nov-2007 04:50 pm (UTC)
"The last time I had a mouse was in the trailer, and that was the year that it was -17 F. -50 with wind chill."

If you do decide to build that house someday, be prepared for this to be a regular activity. It comes with the package of living in outlying areas! Sorry.

"Right now it's just one sentient that has found a way out of the cold -- it's not (yet) an infestation, so I'm not (yet) on the warpath. If it does turn into an infestation, I'll deal with that then."

Define "infestation." All it takes is one gravid female ... (My first encounter with a mouse, ever, was in our first year of marriage. I woke to what I thought was the sound of a squeaky fan. Then noticed that both furballs were very interested in something in one corner of the room. A baby mouse, so tiny it hardly looked real. Took us a few broods before we caught the mom.)

I was pleased to learn that, contrary to my reaction to cockroaches, I did NOT leap up onto the bed and shriek. I simply took the mouse away from the cats (it was a long time before they forgave me) and took it outside, across the road, into deep woods. Husband tried to throw one over the porch railing onto the backyard -- I made him go out and make sure it was ok.

Believe me, I do not feel that charitable towards, well, the "c" word.

Edited at 2007-11-30 04:53 pm (UTC)
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