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more baby steps & freecycle offer 
15th-Nov-2007 09:49 pm
I really am trying to bring some semblance of order to my portions of the house -- and I just found a rolodex. I can date it because of one friend who has since gotten married and moved -- darn near 15 years ago. Heh. I don't even recognize all the names on the cards. I have (*go me*) disposed of all the cards except for three, and am now looking for a home for the silly thing.

It's, I'll guess, about a foot long, and has 2 full cycles of the alphabet (and then some) -- I used the first one for personal contacts and the 2nd for business contacts. I would love to find it a home, and before I list it on Freecycling, I'll offer it to people I have a higher chance of knowing. Any cards I didn't use are still there (I'll guess about 150).
16th-Nov-2007 12:10 pm (UTC)
I've been thinking of getting my mother-in-law a Rolodex; what would be the cost of reimbursing you for Parcel Post costs on this (MI to AR) vs just walking into WalMart and buying a brand new one?
16th-Nov-2007 07:41 pm (UTC)
Dunno -- I've not priced them in years. My expectation is that Parcel Post would be cheaper... (And if it's not, well, I'm just happy to get it to a good home! Only question there would be if she'd appreciate a used one as much as a new.)

Shall I ship it off? If there's any question as to whether I have your current address, the e-mail in my profile is good.
16th-Nov-2007 11:12 pm (UTC)
Let me check at Staples tomorrow, and see what a new one would cost...
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