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Unexpectedly Excellent Customer Service 
20th-Oct-2007 02:37 pm
Specific details left off to keep the intelligent one with initiative out of trouble.

Earlier this year I purchased a set of 3 items from a large store. Much more recently, one of them broke.

I rang the store this morning, wondering if they did repair. The answer was that I could try to get the manufacturer to repair it for me, or I could bring it into their store and exchange it.

So this afternoon I drove in with my broken item. Went to the appropriate department. Asked someone. Yep -- I just need to find it on the shelf, bring it up, and they'll exchange it.

Couldn't find a single, but brought up the 3-pack. Got into an enormous line. When I got to the front, I got the person who was not slack-jawed and who looked a little bit older. She said "I'll have to ask" and rang someone. Who didn't call back. So she paged her. And then called her again. Finally she got the person with authority.

Seems that even if I only want to exchange the one item, and the other 2 parts are working fine, I need to bring them in so they can do a straight up trade.

I asked why we couldn't just put the 2 items I didn't want with the one I had brought back. She looked around, and decided that she guessed she really _could_ do that.

Then she asked for a receipt. I had looked, but not been able to find the receipt. No problem -- we'll just use the "lowest in the last 30" price. Since it was a straight-up exchange, though, that was no impact to me. I walked out with a brand new item.

Somewhat amazed. I didn't _expect_ that. I expected to pay for a fix. Wow.
21st-Oct-2007 02:19 am (UTC)
That's pretty cool. It's nice when people engage their brains instead of just blindly following rules or checklists (or, even worse, just blindly saying "no" when something is outside their pre-programmed scripts).
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