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Weekend of Con 
14th-Oct-2007 01:57 pm

I dressed like a girl today. (I don't often do that: Although friends, both male & female, tell me how much more comfortable a skirt or a kilt are, I don't find it so.) Several reasons -- a few years ago I realized that all my clothing wouldn't fit in the closet at once, and indeed the bar was looking like it would break, so I put some clothing into a box. Decided that it made sense to do this based on season, although it meant that I'd need to swap things around twice a year. It's time to start bagging summer and dredging up winter, and the top item in the winter box was a skirt. *gulp*. Also, it *was* a con, and I don't usually do costuming, so this is a nod in that direction. Plus, due to the anniversary, there were sevreral in-jokes I could make if I dressed.

I expect that if I did that more often I'd not get quite the flurry of positive feedback, both from co-workers and folks at the con, but I kind of enjoyed that.

What I enjoyed less was the fact that the one person whom I had actually expected to say something -- who had a prayer of catching several of the "in jokes" in my "costume" -- didn't say a word on it.

Work was good. I think I have figured out the solution to a problem that's been plaguing me for about a week. Haven't been able to implement it -- that'll probably involve more people, but I've put that into motion.

This was the 11th anniversary of our wedding, and the spouse & I took each other out for dinner. Carrabbas. Yum. Ate way too much, but YUM!

Slept until we woke up -- about noon. Showered, went by Tim Horton's, where I was disappointed to learn that the item I had been looking forward to for brekky was still cooking and would be 12 - 20 minutes before it was out. I got something else -- a banana nut muffin. Good, but it's not a cheese croissant.

Back to the con, where we hung out until about 4:30 when we went out for lunch/dinner. Beirut restaurant. Good food. Large portions. I got help finishing the meat, and left a huge heaping portion of rice on my plate. I hate doing that, but eating more would be painful. I don't think I even snacked at any of the parties (although I took tiny sips of a few yummy alcoholic beverages), and still put on weight yesterday. *sigh*

At the various parties Friday & Saturday night, I actually introduced myself to various people whom I'd seen around and knew by name, had assumed I knew the name of due to context, or who just looked interesting and happened to be around, whom I hadn't met.

I was also introduced to 3 babies. I'm really not a baby person, but it's good to meet the children of friends. Two of them were months old (under a year, but I think more than 6 months) and the other was only weeks old. And adorable.

I'm told that the STD panel was very good, but I didn't make that. The reason for the early dinner was that a concert was happening at 6pm -- Wild Mercy. Immediately after that was the Space Time Theater Improv group -- which is usually a very good time. (I could never do that! Not only do I suck at any sort of acting -- even rpg -- but I didn't recognize the names of some of the characters the audience was asking the players to be.)

My filk timing was very bad. On Friday the first time I looked there was nobody in the room, and the second time everyone was leaving. On Saturday, I was on a mission the first time I went by, so I listened to half a song, and the second time I made it by, everyone was leaving.

I hung out until late -- after midnight I think, and since we had separate cars, I told the spouse I was going home and left.

Sunday I got up before noon, barely, and went out to beat the rest of the garden into submission. Grass springing up from the places I'd already pulled it out was laughing at me, but I largely ignored that, concentrating instead on the large plot of half-meter high weeds. I got that all pulled out and it (kind of) fit into the yard waste bin, so I can put that at the curb this week.

And I learned something new. At one point I'd pulled out a large hunk of grass, and saw left on the ground a dozen or so little nodules. Tiny Horta eggs? A short while later I finally understood why some people call the insect I call a "trilobite" a "roly-poly". Amazing that I could have gotten to my current age without having seen that before.

Last week it was 2 hours I spent out there, and this week only an hour and a half. Now I just need a tool to go through and rip up anything above-ground so I can start to dissuade the grass. Or a means to put down more black canvas (or something) in such a manner that the plants I want will poke through it and the grass will give up. Yeah right...
14th-Oct-2007 09:10 pm (UTC)
I grew up calling them pillbugs. I've also seen them referred to as woodlice. They are actually crustaceans--more specifically isopods.

I resorted to shills to get the filk going Friday night--my niece and nephew occupied the room with me until some peopls showed up. And Saturday night filk broke up between midnight and 1:00, though there was a little casual chatter and jamming afterwards.
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