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How does my garden grow

Within the year after we moved into our house 10.5 years ago I learned that the prior owners had laid down black canvas and planted hyacinth & daffodils which come up early, and peonies which bloom much later. And the canvas meant "no weeding needed" which is perfect for me as I really don't have that kind of time.

Several years after that I learned that the canvas doesn't last forever. Ugh.

Last year & the year before I dug up all the violets that I could and gave them to a coworker who wanted them.

This year I have twice (once with help -- the spouse was removing weeds from somewhere else) filled the "yard waste" garbage bin. This morning that took two hours. I think I'm about half done pulling weeds and grass out of the garden-area. I am being completely indiscriminate, pulling even the violets and the Alexandria.

Found one plant I didn't recognize. It seems to be a vine that propagates by above-ground runners. I pulled out what I could. I eventually got to some leaves. Looked a bit like maple, but I know how maple trees grow and this isn't it.

Finally, pulling weeds and dredging my memory, I had a thought: Any bets on me having been rolling around in poison ivy all morning?
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