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Perversity of automotive repair; what I need

Past few mornings the car has refused to make the cabin warm. It behaves normally otherwise, warming up to *just so* and no further, but when I say "I'm freezing" it says "I'll blow cold on you". Checked my level, and it was fine -- but poured a bit more into the overflow just on GPs. The next day it was cold until 20 or 25 minutes into my morning commute, at which point it was finally warm. I decided NOT to mention it to the dealer (who had the car for other reasons) -- opting instead to talk to a co-worker's husband... who is swamped, or call a VERY close to where I work shop whose work I trust... who recommended someone else.

OKFine. I called, and they asked me to call back later. I called back later and they told me to bring it in between 2 and 2:15, and they'd squeeze me in. The car had not blown warm air on the half hour commute in (in 50-degree weather), but in the 5 minute drive to the shop (in 70-degree weather) it was making hot just fine. (Grrrrr!) I got there, and the guy on the counter wrote "overheating, leaking" on the sheet. I pointed out that neither of those were true, and he said he just writes that so that "the guys will check it out". The competent guy came out and talked to me, and I watched as he dealt with some of the other people working there, and stand by my use of the definite article. Unfortunately, he shares a name with 3 other guys in the shop, so I can't just say "I want to talk to Curly".

A bit later he came back and said that since my radiator is original issue (and thus nearly 15 years old) he doesn't want to do a pressurized cleaning out of the system, but instead he's put a cleaner in, and told me to come back next week. (No charge for today.) And recommended that I not take it for any really long drives unless it's cold out. "Not even Toronto," he said.

Saw the google on "name needs" meme & I was curious.

Not surprisingly, mbumby doesn't need anything. However, when I substitute my first name, I get a bunch of things, some of which make me laugh.

Margaret needs to know what the heck a2 - 2ab cosθ + b2 is all about.
(Queen) Margaret needs your help for speech therapy.
(re: involuntary hospitalization: He says) Margaret needs to be admitted.
Margaret needs someone to talk to...
Margaret needs a blog.
Margaret needs a collar with a bell...
(Lady) Margaret needs to be placed in a sunny spot.

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