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Stats geek; bankrupt pants 
26th-Sep-2007 03:35 pm
Whew! First pass done.

Obsessive? Who me?

I learned something about LJ that I'd not known -- you can, on your friends page, only go back 1000 (total -- for me that is skip=950) journal entries. So, on my return from Japan, I could only see what had happened since 9/4. I'm guessing it would have needed to be about skip=3000 to work for my 3.5 weeks gone.

Not good enough. So I started working, alphabetically, through the then-203 people on my flist. Today I have finished this first pass. *And* it's not going to require another of the same -- I started this on 9/18, and skip=950 shows me stuff from 9/13.

No, I'm not following every link. No, I'm not reading most of the responses. But I'm at least glancing at each and every entry. And, as I tried to figure out where to read from, I discovered some items I'd not known about a person who friended me back while I was in Japan.

Of the 203 people, 11 have never posted anything, 52 had no new entries since I last read them on 8/22, and the remaining 140 had at least one new entry (and sometimes over 100 new entries).

Now the fun of breezing past the items I have read because they came later in the alphabet while not missing the stuff from those who came earlier.
27th-Sep-2007 03:07 am (UTC) - Re: OK, I'm curious
Metaquotes has: Bankrupt my pants!

Basically a way of saying "whew! -- I've been out of touch and might miss something -- explicitly point me at anything you think I _need_ to know."

Sometimes folks'll say "My pants aren't entirely bankrupt, but they're rather threadbare" to indicate that they've fallen behind but possibly not hopelessly so.
28th-Sep-2007 05:23 pm (UTC) - Re: OK, I'm curious
Well, this goes to show that the only stupid question is the unasked question.

I have seent his phrase exactly twice in LJ. Yes, both times the journalist was talking about or was involved in a trip, but both times they were also talking about *expensive* trips, so I took the phrase literally to mean that one had had a good time, but was now fairly broke.

That it also meant one was away from it all never occurred to me.

So I didn't ask. Stupid, really. At least, silly.
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