mbumby (mbumby) wrote,

Japan, Part 4

Hiroshima --> Matsuyama --> Takamatsu <--> Naoshima

When we left Hiroshima, we took a fast ferry (another new conveyance) over to Matsuyama, took a bus (first time this trip) -- where we barely managed to fit our luggage in the corral, and found some lockers that actually would hold our bags (took 3 of them) -- and wandered by the Onsen -- the baths (where we had to split up by gender -- but since we had decided on the deluxe treatment, we got a room where we could all be together).

Near one of the shrines earlier in the trip, I saw hats for sale -- and considered them, but $40 seemed a bit steep. Found some for closer to $10, but we were moving and by the time we got around to heading back we were rushing to catch the train to Takamatsu. For several reasons we just barely caught it, so I really didn't have time to shop.

Last night we went to a very fancy restaurant. I think I was the only person not wearing shorts, and we were all wearing T-Shirts, but since I didn't think of that until after we left, I didn't feel uncomfortable. Once we had decided on chairs rather than the low tables, the kimono-clad waitress insisted on giving us the best seats. They served fresh fish, and the prices seemed ... high ... but one of the guide books recommended the sets -- which were about half the price of the cheapest fish -- they got Tempura, and I chose Sashimi. Yum! They tell me that the large lumps of things in the Miso soup were mushrooms, but they didn't taste (or look) like that to me -- I thought maybe they were very very young eggplant. Or maybe they were just funny looking mushrooms with purple skin and that's why I didn't mind them.

Back to the hotel and I crashed hard. Got over 8 hours of sleep, but didn't want to get up this morning.

Today we took a ferry over to Naoshima. A lot of weird art. A lot of beautiful shore. A lot of exercise for my legs.

Those of you who know me know that I'm "always" cold. Others can be stripped to the waist and panting, and I'm in sweater, coat, hat, and gloves, and wishing for more. Um... not here. I don't believe that I have EVER been so hot. Not in Arizona, not in California, not in Florida. I don't believe that I have ever sweat so much. Heh. And I got a bit more sun today. The SPF 50 must have rinsed right off and parts of me are lobster-pink. And when it gets cooler at night, only once has the temperature gone low enough that the humidity didn't prevent me from putting on my sweatshirt. So for once, I'd have done better to do without that.

Now it's the end of the day on Friday. We just went out and got some fast-food curry Udon (or curry rice) and we're about to crash. Tomorrow we head over to Kyoto (stopping off at a castle on the way). I know I said this before, but I don't know if I'll have internet from here on out.

Thanks all for reading, and especially for commenting on earlier posts in this series.

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