mbumby (mbumby) wrote,

Busy weekend -- busy with fun, that is

Saturday a couple friends and I got up WAY too early. (When I think way too early on a weekend, I think 10am, but no, this was 6-something!) Drove off to Marshall MI for a "1st annual" Jazz festival. Darn good music, and I got some crafty stuff done. Only burned a little bit, and that not badly. I've not downloaded them yet, but I took some pictures (using my phone) of a dam-induced waterfall that was on a nifty boardwalk near the music site. I ate way too many sweet-potato fries. (The wonderful vendors had a sweet goop, salt, pepper, *and* vinegar. yum.) Between sets I also wandered in search of mulberries -- but the ground-stain I'd seen on the drive in turned out to be tar and not juice -- and poked a bit around an old (some dates in the 18th and 19th centuries) cemetery right near the site. Maybe next year, if I can justify going, I'll go for the weekend, take a room near there, and wander more. (Although A Certain Person there ticked me off a bit. Don't like people with that attitude. Don't like the "you may not do X" when X is very clearly not being enforced across the board, and was not publicized. Before the music started, we got 2 of those "X" disappointments.)

While I was there, the spouse went by Borders and picked up my copy of The Book. No, I'll not be staying up late reading. We're reading it to each other in our copious free time. Got to page 6 the first day, up to page 20 by last night. I thank the folks who have been good about not putting spoilers In My Face.

Sunday we went out to Farmington to listen to the FCB Big Band perform. Didn't really get there early enough to visit any of the vendors, but the music was great. I'd been waiting to hear from a couple other folks about other things I'd offered to help with, but hadn't heard from them by the time I left so I went. Glad we made that, since I'll be missing their Stars In The Park concert on Thursday. Then out to dinner with some folks, and home. Watched/helped the spouse replace a defective screen on a laptop. Don't know that I would have been up to the task, but if I ever have to, I'll be that much more confident. (I'm *sure* I can't do that...) skied & crashed.

What I didn't do any of was listen to more of my Japanese lessons (either recorded in class or Pimsleur) or work on the itinerary, or work on my many-year-old stack-o-mail-to-be-filed or process inventory or, for that matter, get enough sleep.

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