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Presto Change-O

A while (couple of years?) ago, I noticed "Pilar's Cafe" going in at 2285 South State St. Didn't know what ethnicity it was, but the one time I went there I got a very yummy tamale meal. It is just far enough away from work that walking out, eating, and walking back takes too long, and I don't like to drive such a short distance, and besides, I go right past the produce market when I'm going in that direction anyhow -- yummy salads!

I mentioned it to my ESL coordinator, and she knew the woman who had opened the restaurant -- quite a success story.

A short while (couple of weeks?) ago I noticed that the "Pilar's" was gone from the name. Pout. I kept meaning to get back there, to take friends there. The Observer says they closed in June of 2007.

Today I noticed another name there. Don't remember it... I'm probably missing a syllable or two, but it was something like LaZamaan. Guess I'll have to try it once they open. And maybe try it more often if it's any good.
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