mbumby (mbumby) wrote,

Yard >half mowed. Depressed without cause.

Yesterday I saw the spouse off on a(nother) 2-week trip. (In the wee hours I got a call that the first step of the trip had been successful, but I wasn't awake enough to figure out how to answer the phone.)

After said departure (and before the phone call) I mowed all of the front and started on the back. Didn't get far.

The dead battery from the backup sump pump was dropped off at a recycling place today.

Mailed the "want that necklace" letter I had composed off to the "boutique" home office. We'll see.

Early afternoon I made the first pass at the back yard -- after some troubles.

I forgot the "put this in or the mower won't start" key. Got it, and it didn't fit. Finally saw what was blocking the key, but wasn't sure what to do about it. Don't know which screws give me access to that section of the mower, and the ones I thought most likely didn't budge. Finally I used a scissor blade to move the problem. *whew*

Spent about 45 minutes mowing and hauling bits of wood to the "yard waste" bin (which I have already filled again. With the new sharp blade rather than just bumping harmlessly over all this debris, it's digging into them, flinging them -- or, in the case of roots, just removing a layer or two. A few hours later (I was curious as to how long it would last and didn't plug it in) I mowed for another 15 minutes or so. Then I plugged it in for a few hours, and went out later and mowed more.

In the meantime I went hunting for the items related to my Japanese class -- I want to re-listen to my recorded classes -- to no avail. After the last mow I put the mower up, went right to where what I'd been looking for was hiding, and fetched the MP3 device that I've had charging since yesterday.

This MP3 device had discharged very quickly in recent history. I'd charged it fully, and a week and a half later wanted to use it to record class and it was dead dead dead. Most recently I charged it, and left it in my fanny pack, and a month and a half later it was down to one battery bar, but turned on. This time I removed it from my computer (USB charge -- and I can't use it while it's charging) and there were 0 bars. I wondered if that was just an artifact and it hadn't repainted the battery icon, but no -- moments later it was dead dead dead -- seconds after being removed from the charge.

I think perhaps I'll ski, imbibe heavily, and get to bed early.
Tags: frustration, housework

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