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mowers and dentists and beads (oh my) 
29th-Jun-2007 10:06 am
Bead Disappointment
Last Saturday, 3 of us wandered into a "boutique" in downtown Royal Oak that I would never have entered myself. About 99 percent of the items they sold (all of their clothing and most of their jewelry) I should truly say nothing at all, but my eye was caught by one item on their jewelry rack. I didn't look at it very closely, but if I'd had my money with me I would probably have bought it, if only to learn how it had been put together. Yesterday (Thursday) I left work about 6:30 (having put in 8 hours exactly -- not counting the over-2-hours I spent on my dentist run) and drove out to Royal Oak. The store did not still have the necklace. They didn't have anything resembling it that was not out. They did not offer me any information on the artist. (Last night after midnight I composed a letter to the parent-store asking if it was possible that they'd ever get another in, and if not whether they could put me in touch with the artist, but I didn't send it. Don't like the idea of giving a company I really don't want to do business with my address. It's still in "draft" format, so I may yet.)

Dentist run
I had my semi-annual cleaning yesterday. They noticed one tooth (upper left) that was pressure sensitive, one tooth (lower right) that was sensitive to the probe as well as to temperature, and two teeth that were loose. They didn't think that was due to bone loss. I now have another dentist visit set up with the doctor so he can change my bite.

Happy happy! The real reason for my trip out to Royal Oak last night was to pick up my mower from the friends who'd collected it from the store while they were open. After my run to downtown looking for the necklace that has been calling my name I ate dinner at "the piggy place" (I think their real name is Memphis Smoke, but with the great statue of the pig outside, and the barbecue inside, people understand when I say the piggy place) and -- fortunately -- finished shortly before the music started in earnest. (I heard the sound checks.) Not that I really wanted to avoid the music -- I'm sure it would have been lovely -- but when the music starts the entire place becomes "smoking" and that would have made the evening less enjoyable. Then I ran to the friends' house and (feeling slightly guilty but knowing my limits) got the husband to put the mower into my car. Getting it in myself when I took it off to the first store -- whazzat -- about a month ago now? -- took quite a while and caused many bruises. When I got home I was a bit too stubborn to request help from the spouse (and besides, gravity was on my side) and removed it from the car myself. Temporarily shifted the spouse's car out of the garage to make room for the mower, and plugged it in. Drat! Forgot to check this morning if the light was still red or if it was green.

I'm somewhat tentative about posting this now, since the whole point of my timing originally was to get the mower done while the spouse was gone. And now (while the spouse is home for another under-12-hours) that I've mentioned it, if the spouse reads this, I don't know if I'll be the one to use the mower first. Don't know if I want to. I don't enjoy mowing and the spouse claims to. But I've put all of the pieces of this puzzle together so far, and it might be more rewarding to put the last one in too. Of course, even if this isn't read, it's possible that the mower will be noticed and taken for a walk around the yard.

Soon, once I take a break from the month-end/year-end tasks (calling it "lunch") I will run out to the credit union and deposit the 2 checks I now have from the place we'd had our storage units. I think on the way back I'll stop off at the bead store where I took my class the other weekend and see if anyone there would know the Royal Oak artist.
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