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On Sunday I went to the Ark (for the first time in a while) and saw Claudia Schmidt. I think the last time I saw her at the Ark was about 20 years ago, and the first Ark. Personally I'm more fond of the folk side of her repertoire, and less enamored of the jazzy stuff, but even if I didn't love her work, just watching her come alive as she started to sing, watching her start to glow, would have been worth the price of admission.

Baaaah. I'm a sheep. I use Quicken. Spouse got me into it, and I have since gone back and put all my bank data from when I opened my first checking account in. I crossed my fingers and upgraded once when the database got so large that the version I had couldn't cope, and all was well. But I never put investment stuff in -- I don't really understand that and had little interest. The spouse, however, did -- so my investments were in the OTHER version of quicken. But recently I've decided that I'd rather have them with my other stuff, and rather than going back and typing in 20 years worth of transactions, since all but the last few years are already there, I hoped to just take the stuff the spouse had done and incorporate it into my file. A few months ago I got a QIC-formatted dump of the files I cared about. Unfortunately, before I tried to install them, I (baaaaah) upgraded again because I wanted to keep my ability to download from my banks. Now, with the new version, I cannot suck a QIC file into an investment account. Contacted Quicken help -- and they sent me mail on what to do. (Have spouse do a backup, and then do a restore on my computer, and delete the accounts I don't want.) Well and good, but (1) I needed to rename one or both of my files to avoid confusion and overwriting, and (2) they're still not in the same file. I responded to the "here's how" e-mail, indicating that I didn't just want them on the same computer (I could have figured that out myself!) I wanted them in the same file, and someone responded that this was not possible. I sent them an email saying "so, in other words, you have removed functionality from your product". and they mailed back that in order to solve my problem I should call them during their hours -- and the normal fee would be waived.

I called. I got a person with an all-too-familiar accent who spoke quite stilted but understandable English. He restated my request. I agreed that indeed that was what I wanted. He said "no problem" and asked me to hold while he researched the best manner to do that. When he came back, he told me that unfortunately what I wanted was impossible.

I'm still not ready to try to move everything from Quicken to some other product that I would then have to learn, but I'm moving from "baaaaah" to "Bah!" pretty quickly.

Last night I went out on top of a parking deck at about 22:10. Positioned myself behind a tree so that one of the city lights would not be shining directly into my eyes. And stared at the sky. I am quite, er, directionally challenged, and I knew that the street the parking deck was on was not pointing due North, but tilted 20 or 30 degrees (one way or the other from North), and I tried to figure out which way North was. I saw one bright star that I thought might have been Polaris, and looked more or less at it, occasionally scanning the sky for anything moving that wasn't a plane. See, I'd heard that just a bit after 22:30 the ISS and the shuttle would be visible from the Ann Arbor area, and that they'd be moving I thought from NW to SE. My watch beeped at 22:30. After a while I decided that it just must be too overcast and I must have missed it -- but I took one more glance around. (1) I was about 90 degrees out -- the star I was looking at was not Polaris, and (2) Look. At. That. You see, I'd thought the shuttle was docked to the station, and there would be one point of light. Nope -- there were two. Following each other in a trail across the sky until they lost the sun. I don't tend to like inactivity, but that was worth it. And it was enhanced by the fact that a kid was practicing his bagpipes on another corner of the roof. What an experience!
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