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More trip report (part 5)

Here's the next few days of our trip:

Monday, 8/28/2006

We woke up in Mt. Shasta City, California, with 3561 on the B trip odometer.

At 13:04 Eastern time today, the spouse's 50th state was acquired.

Fairly shortly thereafter we are reminded that there are 2 states that insist upon full service gasoline stations, and Oregon is the other. (Most folks remember New Jersey.)

We spent a bit of time wandering around Crater Lake, and got a nice lunch at the Crater Lake Lodge.

We saw snow up here.

And at the facilities at Crater Lake -- laundry, shower, general store, I refilled my Ultimate Gulp for the most I've paid anywhere: $2.00.

Tuesday, 8/29/2006

We woke up in Winnemucca, NV with about 4100 on the trip odometer B.

We'd slept in another "casino" room... not nearly as nice as the last one, but it was the most inexpensive room we got on the whole trip.

We saw a bunch of vehicles hauling ... something. We weren't sure what it was, but the number on them was "3077". (I've since googled, and this seems to be "Environmentally Hazardous Material, Solid n.o.s." sigh I don't know what "n.o.s." means. Hmmm. Of the 10 items wikipedia has, "Not Otherwise Specified" sounds likely.)

At 13:52 Eastern time (nearly 11am local) we passed a sign that we both misread the first time:

Starr Valley

Since about 10 miles later was a sign:

Starr Valley

We figured (rightly) that Starr Valley was an entity not right on the road, with several paths in, and that Deeth and Welcome were 2 other towns.

We were at this point aiming at Wells, NV, where we were going to meet a couple of friends for lunch. Shortly before we got there, we drove through (or perhaps past) Beverly Hills. We laughed about it, joking that it had a population of 3, including the dog and the cat. Later we found out that Beverly runs the RV park (and since it is still RV season, the population is probably higher than 3).

The other thing we learned from one of our friends, is that Shoshone is not pronounced Show-Show'-Nee, the way I'd always heard it, but instead Show-Shone'.

We stayed for several hours, saw the friends' house and met a small fraction of their pets, got a very yummy lunch, got a tour of the friends' place of work, and then drove on.

Wednesday, 8/30/2006

We woke up in Jackson, WY, with 4666 miles on Trip Odometer B.

We saw something here that we would see several more times before the end of the trip. At the McDonalds, there was a sign for DVD rentals. "Redbox" was the brand/company, and the concept was just bizarre to me.

Today, without any real hope of finding anything, we started calling hotels and inns in Mackinac City hoping that they'd have a room Sunday night. We were going to be meeting a friend up there Monday morning and walking the bridge.

This is the day I finally made it to the Tetons. I'd tried in 1988 on my first drive to California, but while the day I got to Yellowstone they'd been letting cars out the south exit a dozen at a time, escorted by rangers, by the time I got to the south exit, they were no longer allowing this. Several signs referred to this fire.

We drove up into Yellowstone, through its south entrance, and drove over to the east exit. Much construction was being done, and the road was closed except for daylight hours, and for a few miles we needed to be escorted.

Near the West Thumb Thermal area, the spouse shot the 10,000th picture to be shot on our digital camera. A bit later, we were involved in a Bison Jam. Several dozen bison wandering across the road, along the road, in front of and between cars. At one point I'd had my window open to try to get a better shot, and a couple of bison wandered RIGHT by. Too close to take a picture. I could have reached out and touched them without trying.

In Cody we ate at Buffalo Bill Cody's Irma hotel/restaurant. Quite nice. I got a prime "sandwich" and the spouse got a Buffalo burger.

We had a few more... issues with the GPS. First, it wanted us to make a hairpin turn onto what turned out to be a dirt road (that climbed at an alarming rate), and then it wanted us to continue past the dead end, turning onto the road about 40 feet below. In both cases we declined to follow it's suggestions.

And now it's today, and I just can't resist. LJ wants me to correct the spelling of one of the words above. Here are its suggestions:

Winnemucca: Winemaker, Anemic, Winnebago, Winemakers, Winker, Winnipeg, Phonemic, Wink, Gnomic, Vinegar, Wanamaker, Wanker

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