mbumby (mbumby) wrote,

fretting about the mower, amused at the squirrels

Mower saga continues
The hour-drive-away repair facility that is only open from 8-5 on weekdays has now had my mower for over a week. I'm stressing because they've not called, so I've not been able to get a local-to-them friend to agree to pick it up without me needing to take extra time off of work. I'm stressing about whether or not I should call them. I know I'm "too literal" and I don't know if "about a week" is something a normal person would understand to mean "probably less than a month", or whether, since it's been a week, I should bother them. Nor do I know if I would be perceived as a nag, and thus an appropriate recipient of punishment "oops, we just moved three more people to higher priority than you" or not.

I think I'll call at 2pm if they've not called me yet.

Squirrels and my bird feeder
A bit over 2 years ago, I retired the bird feeder that had been suspended from the tree. It was old. It had come with the house. I had no emotional attachment to it at all. (I don't remember if I left it in the garage, broke it down for firewood, or put it out atop the trash for either a person or the city to take.) Every day I filled it, regardless of how cunningly I attached it to the tree, it would be removed from the tree, carried across the yard, and upended. I suspected a coon. I bought a new, cute, wooden gazebo-looking, with a plastic cylinder in the middle, feeder and a hook to hang it on. Actually it's a double-hook, and I sometimes have hummingbird food in the other. With my busy-ness and absence, though, I've not been doing hummingbirds this year. Plus I'm still musing on how to keep the ants out.

Very shortly after I bought it, it broke, and a friend (thanks!) helped me rig a means to keep the lid on and attach it to the hook. Since then, various other pieces have broken off. I suspect the squirrels. Usually within an hour of me filling it there will be a squirrel upside down on the feeder gorging him-or-herself. The feeder would normally be emptied within a day.

I just bought a new feeder. It turns out to hold two to three times as much seed as my old one -- and has now been on the hook for most of a week and is not showing signs of being emptied. (It's still about 2/3 full.)

Just before I put it up I watched a squirrel on its way to the buffet. S/he climbed the metal pole-with-hooks, and once high enough reached out and climbed onto the top of the feeder. I was amazed. I don't think that pole is an inch across, and while it's not polished, it never struck me as being easy to climb. So when I filled the new feeder and put it out for the first time I added a little something. 4 to 5 feet of Vaseline rubbed on the pole.

This morning as I was leaving for work I watched a squirrel, somewhat forlornly it seemed, grazing in the grass beneath the feeder.

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