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Nothing much 
9th-Jun-2007 09:24 pm
Friday -- work, music, 'timing'
Friday ended uneventfully. Being less than healthy, I'm sticking more to 8-hour days, but earlier in the week I'd put in 8.5 once, and I'd hoped to leave work after 7.5 on Friday, but that stretched to 7.9. I'd just learned on Wednesday about a Blue Dahlia (excuse me, bLuE daHLia) concert, and Friday morning I learned the when and where, and, despite traffic, drove out for it. Parking was a good ways away, and I couldn't find my umbrella, but it didn't rain, so all was well. Managed to miss yet another phone call from the travelling spouse.

Saturday so far -- abusing poor helpless bushes
Saturday I did a spot of shopping, and once home emptied the car, vacuumed out as much of the decaying grass deposited by the mower as I could, and decided I REALLY needed to do something about the bushes that grow on either side of the steps to our "porch". If you'll forgive the pun, I always feel quite barbarous when attacking them, especially when I find myself hacking off not only all the new growth, but some of the old. Despite the fact that I have no topiary skill, if my shoulders don't fit between the bushes, something has to change. There are about 10 faces (including the tops) to be chopped, and I did about 5 (the easiest 5) and then about 15:30 pm I came inside, had some beverage, and lay down. About 19:30 I woke up, said "eep" (guess while I'm better, I'm not all better) and did the rest of my butchery as best I could. I brought a step-ladder out, but there are still portions on the top that I just can't reach.

Yet to do -- process all the "stuff" I brought in from the car, do a few loads of laundry, start packing for Japan (August trip -- should give me time to remember things I've forgotten to pack) -- and all the stuff I wanted to do last weekend but couldn't because I felt too cruddy.
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