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More mower 
8th-Jun-2007 12:05 pm

First a hearty thanks to A&G who saved me possibly well over an hour of traffic this morning by offering me a shot at their futon. I saw how much the oncoming traffic was not moving!

Since I picked up the mower yesterday, I wanted to get it out ASAP to the place that will do the recall (and battery, etc.) -- and they open at 8am, so I wanted to be there then. (I'd have had to get up no later than 6 were I leaving from home.) I got there shortly after they opened. Without being asked the guy (built on my frame, but a lot stronger) offered to get it out of my car for me. Then he filled out the paperwork. Yeah, I cringed at the price, but I want it DONE.

He told me it would be about a week.

What does that mean?

(1) I won't have it this weekend.
(2) It won't be there when the spouse returns, so I've already sent an e-mail fessing up to my actions (rather than waiting to see if they'd be noticed).
(3) If he was right, and a week is all it takes, had I not wasted the time with the other business, I *could* have had it back before the spouse's return. Assuming I'd have been willing to drive the extra hour with questionable health. (The drive to the other store was about 1/2 hour -- to this one a full hour, so round trip it was an hour more.) It would not have been a huge stretch to tell work I wasn't going to make it in at all, or, more likely knowing me, to have shown up an hour later and worked an hour longer.

When I left, my GPS was estimating I'd be to work by 9:17. (I should be there no later than 9, but I'd cleared it with the boss last night.) I only lost 7 minutes due to highway traffic, and was parked by 9:30. (The last mile and a half in the city took quite a while.)
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