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I was fuming. By not having it ready on Wednesday they're already… 
7th-Jun-2007 04:36 pm

I was fuming. By not having it ready on Wednesday they're already costing me about 3 hours driving. By not having it ready today they're costing me the possibility of having it before the weekend, and the likelihood of having it before the spouse's return.

Trying to code, but thinking of pacing the corridors, rattling my cubicle walls, grinding my teeth... ok, that's enough!

I called them. Told them I was coming to get it.

On the drive over I wondered if an adrenalin charged fury would give me the strength I'd need to load it into the car myself.

Got there. It was sitting ready for me. And without asking (I wouldn't have asked him anyhow!) he walked it over to the car and put it in. Wow. Ok. I'm rather a bit happier now.

Seems when I asked him how long it would be, and he said "A couple of days -- Wednesday, maybe Thursday", what he meant was "gosh, I'm already a week and a half behind -- I'll see if I can fit it in".

So I don't know how I feel about them now. I'm ticked that they gave me bad information that cost me going out there twice (about an hour an a half to 2 hours total -- the exit is torn up) and prevented me just being able to drop it off on Wednesday when I was out in the Madison Heights area anyhow (costing me another 3 hours of driving -- and insuring that I *will* be late to work tomorrow) -- but it was surely "above and beyond" that he put it into my car for me.

I guess I'll not say terrible things about terrible people there, but I'll think twice before I recommend them again.
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