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Yet more trip report 
21st-Sep-2006 12:15 am

Saturday, 8/26/2006

We upgraded our memberships for Denver (WorldCon 2008) to attending. They won, and it would never be cheaper.

A charming young lady wandered over to say hello. I've known her for MANY years -- since she was a pretty young girl, and it was VERY nice of her to come over and chat. Her folks live in my neck of the woods, but she's moved out to the LA area.

Today was "Trailer Park". Ever since I discovered this a few years ago, this is the only panel I will REALLY try to get to at a WorldCon. Basically, it is trailers for a bunch of movies that will be coming out shortly, most of which have at least a vague SF theme. I remember seeing the trailer for Ice Age (barely related to the movie -- the trailer was just the Scrat -- not any of the other characters) which was enough to convince me to go see the movie.

He said that there were 33 trailers. Either I missed writing down information about several of them, or the "behind the scenes" shorts were not counted as being the same as the "preview" of the movie -- and I guess there were a couple of those. Here are my sparse notes from the previews:

(1) Charlotte's web: (Live. Looks good.)
(2) Open season. (silly, animated. Could be fun, could be DUMB.)
(3) Flushed away (animated, silly)
(4) Happy feet (Penguin, weird... I think I need to see.)
(5) Meet the Robinsons (I have no comments on this... and don't remember it.)
(6) Ratatouille (animated, gourmet rat in Paris -- looks like fun)
(7) TMNT (anything more need be said?)
(8) Renaissance (odd, B/w animation -- want to see this!)
(9) Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas 3D (must miss)
(10) The prestige. (Story of a magician... could be good...)
(11) Barat (guy from Kazakhstan -- REALLY MUST MISS!!!!!)
(12) Flyboys (looks good... although not really my style)
(13) Pathfinder (Don't remember this. Didn't take notes.)
(14) The Departed (Don't remember this. Didn't take notes.)
(15) The Black Dahlia (intriguing...)
(16) Hollywoodland (no notes. Superman? Suicide of actor? didn't grab me.)
(17) Fearless (from Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon guy. Got CHEERS from the crowd.)
(18) The Return (no notes, no memory.)
(19) The Grudge 2 (looks like it stands alone even if it's a sequel. Don't remember.)
(20) The Covenant (from some comic book?)
(21) The Wickerman (I thought it looked interesting, but it got BOOS from the crowd. I'm not familiar with the original.)
(22) The Reaping (no notes, no memories)
(23) Ghost Rider (From Marvel Comics. GREAT SFX. To the point that who CARES about the story...)
(24) Transformers (Looks like a LOT of fun. I think this got cheers, but didn't note it.)
(25) Night at the Museum (the dinosaur bones, etc. come alive. Looks like a LOT of fun.)
(11 again) Barat (Just as annoying and stupid as the last preview.)
(26) Casino Royale (This one got BOOS from the crowd.)
(27) Children of Man (not-too-far future, humans infertile, youngest person dies at 18... but a pregnant girl has been found... Looked intriguing, although not terribly original.)
(28) Spiderman 3 (looks like Venom to me!)
(29) The Fountain (looks like it could be good... It's the fountain of youth/immortality, and it seemed that a couple was being tracked through their various lives through time. Looked interesting.)
(30) -- this one he gave an introduction to. Apparently it has JUST started filming in May -- they'd shown the preview at a comic convention, and gotten permission to show it here. As I recall the trailer was quite well received: Neil Gaiman's Stardust.

So of roughly 30 movies, there were a few "Must Miss" options, and several that I might want to see: (1), (4), (6), (7), (8), (15), (17), (23?), (24?), (25), (27), (29), (30?)

The 3 of us who were sharing a room went out to dinner with a friend of ours (trektone)-- we went to Gandhi Palace. VERY VERY good food!

Sunday, 8/27/2006

We hit the road pretty early today. Made one last trip through the con saying farewell to folks, and hoping (in vain) to find the spouse's phone. At 14:10 Eastern (11:10 local) we were on the road.

We were amused by a large Toyota ad we saw attached to a building which may or may not have been owned by Toyota.

Toyota: I want my MPG

Later in the day we saw a license plate on a Prius: MPG WNDR
21st-Sep-2006 08:01 pm (UTC)
I really liked the original Wicker Man. I'm impressed you took any notes at all for Trailer Park, much less keep count.

Dinner & quality time w/y'all was fun!

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