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This week so far 
7th-Jun-2007 02:12 pm
Monday -- sick & tired & work done
Got up early, and made it in to Health Service by the time they opened. I was the 2nd person they called. They bopped me over see someone, and she got to me fairly quickly. (The longest wait was waiting for my chart to be delivered before they assigned me to a person.) Extreme body modesty and shying away from TMI prevents me from giving all my symptoms, but she took a sample, indicated that what I thought a coincidental but "not related" problems was was in all likelihood completely incorrect, gave me a prescription, gave me diet suggestions and sent me on my way.

I wasn't sure I was ready to go in to work, but I had the lawn mower in my car. In the past I have had very good service by Mobile Mower Repair in Dexter, so while trying to decide if I was going to go in to work or not, I went out there and dropped off the mower. They said that the blade was "not too bad" and that they'd have it for me in a couple of days -- maybe Wednesday or Thursday. They also had said that I'd get quicker service if I brought it in, and that's why I gave myself all those wonderful bruises on both legs and one arm (Thursday now they're still quite purple) and "broke my car" to bring it to them. Yes, they did me the favor of fetching the beast out of my car, possibly saving me 20 minutes and many more bruises and hit-points to my beloved car.

Then I went home and got some breakfast. Got a bit more information on my, er, symptoms, and called the RN back. She suggested I come in again, and she'd tell her secretary to expect me. I drove in. The staff paid lot was full, but I found a fairly close meter I could put a dollar into and be fairly sure I'd be out before it expired. She finally agreed, that unlikely as it was, my self-diagnosis was correct, and she gave me a referral for a surgery consultation. So I got to sit in a room while/where a bunch of 20-somethings talked about various things, and my diagnosis was discussed on the phone. I have an appointment in a month and a half. Then I went in to work and spent the next half-day there.

Once home, I still did not have the energy to get anything done. I fell asleep, skied at some point, fell asleep, and eventually got up, bathed, and went to bed. I think it was about 3am when I got to bed. The spouse, on "drivabout" didn't call.

Tuesday -- Class?
After work on Tuesdays I usually go to tutor my ESL class, and then do various other things. I jokingly call it my "get home at midnight" day. I thought about it and (I hate giving up my responsibilities!) admitted to myself that I just didn't have any reserves, and was not up to doing anything. So I went home. Did actually accomplish some of the stuff from last weekend, although I was stymied in most of my attempts.

Spouse did call today, and let me know tomorrow's plans.

Wednesday -- on the mend
I'm feeling so much better today. I'd say I'm getting up close to 50%. One of the things I had wanted to do last weekend was to bring some travel-related materials over to the people I'll be traveling to Japan with later this year (they're buying my Japan-rail pass for me! I'll reimburse them, of course, but they're doing the leg-work) and I drove out (usually about an hour -- during rush hour closer to an hour and a half) to drop that stuff off. Another friend invited me to dinner, and I got home rather too late to get much of anything done, but I got started on another task and crashed before midnight.

However, during the day ...

Made more phone calls to Black & Decker and got a person who told me that I needed to get the mower in to an authorized dealer in order to get the recall on my model performed. And of course they'd have and be willing to install the battery for me. I called the number they gave me - a shop that is probably not a mile from where I work... who it turns out doesn't work on lawn equipment but who has some phone numbers. One number was in Toledo, and the other in Madison Heights (I think) not 3 miles from where I was dropping off my travel stuff. Called the shop, and their hours are 8-5 Monday through Friday. Really sucks for someone who needs to be at work in Ann Arbor!

While at work I realized that I have forgotten the secret handshake to retrieve messages on my home answering machine remotely. It's been over a year since I've used it. So I called Mobile Mower. (I was hoping that I could swing by another friend's house out there and beg them to get my mower to the shop that was, after all, so close to where they lived.) They've not started on my machine. So much for that. So I'll need to be spending another 2 hours (or 3, or 4) on the road just to get it to the folks who can do the recall -- AND be late to work or have to leave work early. Potentially twice. mbumby NOT happy!

Thursday -- disappointment so far
I'm still feeling "ok" but not really well. The RN was going to call me with the results of my lab tests -- yesterday or today -- and it's not happened. I called Mobile Mower, and he basically said he'd not started, and (somewhat impatiently) that he'd call me when it was done. I explained that I couldn't get messages from my home, which is the number I think I gave him, gave him my work number, and whined a little bit about REALLY hoping to have it back by the weekend from the shop out Detroit-ways which couldn't happen if I didn't get it today.

This evening will be the last meeting of my Japanese (level III) class at the community college. The plan is to meet for an hour and then go out for Japanese food. I'm hoping I'm feeling well enough to partake. I think I'll still get some Taco Bell before class, though, (perhaps only one sandwich) because I've gotten $45 lunches at sushi joints. If I'm less hungry perhaps I'll eat less?

So that's what I've been up to this week. Not much. Not enough. Being sick sucks. Dealing with shops that don't care about me sucks too. I'd put that suckage between the way I felt last weekend (greatest suckage) and the way I feel now (suckage far lower).
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