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Greetings from Germany 
25th-May-2007 10:05 am

We left the house fairly early on Wednesday (1-ish) and had no difficulties on our way to the airport. Parked at our favorite (sexist?) close-but-off-the-airport-proper parking lot and took the shuttle in. I had my large (but not completely stuffed) suitcase and a backpack for carry-on. The spouse had a much smaller suitcase, a backpack, and the camera.

Usually when I'm going on vacation, I'll pack my smaller suitcase into the larger one, so I have ready expansion for when I buy "stuff". I just don't think I'll buy that much, though. Yeah, I need to bring candy and whatnot back for the coworkers, but I think I'll bring less than I brought last time.

Usually I sleep on airplanes. Don't know whether it was the number of children screaming, the fact that I didn't have a window seat, or the ready (and anticipated) availability of movies I wanted to watch that kept me from sleep, but on the leg to Amsterdam I slept, I believe, not at all, but watched two movies. Amusingly, there was a common theme in them, one which I knew was part of the first, but did not know was part of the 2nd, namely a pregnant woman giving birth. The first movie (in the Critics Choice category) was "Children of Men". The second one (in the Independent category) would have been far better somewhere other than on a 6" (?) screen in the back of the seat in front of me, but I'm glad I got the chance to watch it: El Laberinto de Fauno.

The other common theme in these is probably a common theme in way too many movies made these days, but to my eyes there was excessive violence. I really like the way they handled it 40 years ago better -- when it was implied. I don't like seeing someone being shot at, clutching themselves, and falling, but I prefer it to a close up of someones face being beaten in.

On the flight from Amsterdam to Nurnberg, I don't remember the takeoff. I had a window seat and fell right to sleep. Woke up about 1/2 hour later and enjoyed the rest of the flight. (Although I missed the beverage service. Good thing that, actually, because it meant I could take my empty-stomach pills when we got in.) Got our luggage, and the spouse's sister (who had graciously taken about 3 hours off of work) picked us up.

Once back to her house, she went to work and we fell asleep.

Later she had a cookout -- invited a few other couples from the area -- and we had very very yummy food -- with good company. Stayed up until past midnight chatting.

Friday we woke up 9am or so, I borrowed the S-I-L's laptop, and typed the above. We'll be leaving in about an hour for the train station.
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