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Almost gone 
23rd-May-2007 12:12 pm
Jewelry demonstrates Free Will
Monday night I dreamed about two of a particular set of 3 friends who have died, so I decided to wear jewelry to work on Tuesday that I got from the 3rd of those friends, an earring. Once I was finished dealing with the person at the Post OFfice I felt something move, and picked the earring up off of the floor. Traced my steps back to the car, looking as carefully as I could at the floor and the ground. Nothing. But there on my seat in the car was the back. Cool. I must have just put it on sloppily. So I put it on again, being careful. I hadn't driven a block before I realized that the back was no longer attached. OKFINE, I WON'T wear it today. Happily it stayed put where I put it in the car, and is now back where it lives.

Final housework on Wednesday.
Got up at 9am, dressed and took the 4th pass at mowing the back yard. Yes, the front yard needs it again, but I want to get finished with the back! After 10 minutes, the charge was gone, so I plugged the mower in. An hour later I took another pass. The charge that I'd gleaned in an hour got me about 4 minutes more. The patch left to do is maybe only 75 square feet, but I don't know if I'll be able to get the rest of it in the next burst I plan on in an hour's time. (Wonder if what I've done still counts as "pass 4" or if I've now made "pass 5" and am planning "pass 6".)

Anyhow, when the spouse was talking about being ready to leave, I mentioned why I wasn't quite, and there is now a plan to "just get it all fixed" -- buy new batteries, sharpen the blades with the kit we have -- etc. and it seemed like a difficulty when I said I wanted to be around for the major parts of that. I don't even know how to take the mower apart (heck -- I didn't even know that it CAME apart) -- and didn't know that there were 2 batteries, not just one.

The next burst lasted about 90 seconds, and I got maybe 1/3 done with what was left. I don't have time for 2 more complete cycles. Oh, for a goat. About 45 minutes on the charger, and I, through force of will got it to run for about 90 more seconds, and finished the back lawn. *whew*. Now to post this, turn off the computer, load the car, and twiddle my thumbs until we leave.
23rd-May-2007 06:53 pm (UTC)
You can probably get replacement earring backs at your Local Bead Store. If you don't have sensitivity issues with base metals, I suggest getting the kind with the little plastic disc around the fastener. The disc helps distribute the weight of the earring more evenly on your earlobe, providing increased comfort when you're wearing them all day -- and it doesn't take much weight for it to make a difference.
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