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Final burst of work on the house.

Sure enough, my "get home at midnight" day was true to form. I put the recycling and the yard waste out. Started the final load of cold laundry. (Could have been 2, but I lacked the patience.) After skiing (about 1am) I was so exhausted I collapsed somewhere other than the bed. About 3am I woke up, took my bath and brushed my teeth and went to bed.

I was cold, so I think after the spouse's return I will be putting an extra blanket on my side of the bed. (Don't want to destroy the impact of the quilt before.)

Overslept badly. I "need" to be to work for 9, so I usually get up about 8, hit the road about 8:30, and make it just fine. This morning I woke up 8:51. Oops. Stayed late, though -- put in nearly 9 hours. Of course, much of that time was spent archiving and deleting Outlook Mail.

Once home (about 7) I made the decision that although there was still some light I would not take the time to mow a little bit more. Instead I made dinner (Spaghetti, with the last of the frozen sauce) and drank a concoction... I'd bought some ice cream last weekend -- never heard of it, but with a name like mine I had to be amused by "Bumpy Cake" -- a delicious ice cream with cake and fudge mixed in -- Stroh's brand ice cream, but "Sanders bumpy cake". Here's where I prove I wasn't born in Michigan, as I'd not heard of it before now. I finished the last of the quart of milk I also bought. (First time in a while the milk didn't go bad before I finished it.) And while I ate, I started to watch "The Day of the Triffids" -- a tape I bought for a dollar a long time ago. I was hoping to exhaust the milk and the ice cream at the same time, but there's about one serving of ice cream left -- we'll see if I get home early enough tomorrow and feel like eating rather than drinking it.

When I was bringing the recycle bins back to the house and fetching the mail I saw half of a robin's egg. I guess it's officially spring.

I finished folding all the laundry I'd washed. Finished dishes. Cleaned all the stuff up from the kitchen floor. Packed some of the spouse's mugs (which I'd brought home from storage a few years ago and which have been taking up space on the counter but never been used) into a box, and labeled it and moved it to the basement. Started heading bedward just about midnight.

Woke up early enough to make it by the Post Office. I try to go M W F, but didn't go yesterday. I think I'll not go tomorrow either.

I received a check from the Storage folks. I moved out of the small unit a while ago, and out of the last, larger, unit on 4/28, having filed (10 days in advance) notice of leaving on 5/5. I went in on 4/30 to speak with a person and tell him that I was gone. This check has no breakdown of what I'm being paid for. I thought I was out more than 2 months before when I was paid through, and the amount of the check is less than 1/6 of the total amount I paid. I expected to get a (smaller) check from the first unit before this time, so I don't know if there is just one check for both units, or if this, while it has no relationship to the monthly price for the single larger unit, is just for the larger one and the first check is lost in the mail. The phone number on the check is just for the Auto Bill Pay service contracted by the storage company. I called the place I'd had my stuff for the last *mumble* years, and she tried calling a few people, but couldn't get any help -- and the manager is apparently out with a family illness, so he won't be back until Monday. I'm torn between cashing this check now, taking the money and running, and holding on to it in case it was issued in error and by cashing it I clear them of any liability.

I must have offended the god of GiftyNadgets. I planned to loan to another student the recorder I use in Japanese class so he could record next week for me. I had planned that when I took it back I would record the following week. I had planned that I would use a little MP3 thingy to record this week. But, although I had charged it under a week ago and not used it since, the silly thing would not even turn on. So I had to record the class, and then give him the recorder with today's class on it. (Not easy for a control freak.) Now I just need to remember to remove the MP3 thingy from the charger in 2 week's time and bring it to class and hope it works.

Once home after class, I skied, and then set to picking up some stuff at the foot of the stairs. A box that had been there for a long while tipped, and out fell many small shards of glass. The deity of FragilePretty getting her revenge for some offense, no doubt. I think about 3.5 years ago we attended a wedding and one of the items we received was a commemorative Christmas ornament. I don't know how long it had been broken, but I do know I was standing there in bare feet looking at shards of this beautiful velvet-red ball in all directions. I don't know how many I missed. I didn't bleed, though, so I expect I missed at least one.

Finally I cleaned the black "pantry" shelves in the basement, processed the mail we'd received, finished the ice cream, and actually made it to bed not too far after midnight.

Got to bed very shortly after midnight. The alarm at 7 woke me out of a dream I wanted to finish, but I couldn't get back to it. After the first snooze, I turned off the alarm and just slept. Finally got up a bit after 8 -- dressed, watered my plants, and drove to work. Where I saw the reminder of the APA contrib that I'd been semi-planning to do last night. Oh well.

Still to do -- process the Stack O Stuff for the last few years, read the last few years worth of Sing Out!, read the last year and a half worth of comics, sell my old comics, repot my plants at work, prepare an APA contribution, Work on figuring out what I'll be doing in my 3 weeks in Japan, process all the recordings I've made from class, Buy a portable USB charger, and about a million and a half small cleanings and/or tossings.

And **tomorrow** leave to pick up the spouse.
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