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And still More (but never enough) work on the house and at work.

Left work not-too-late, but was so tired that I napped before driving home.

Got the kitchen counters pretty much set up the way they're going to be, and I think I finished putting everything back into the bathroom.

Slept until I woke up, and then, for good measure, slept a little bit more.

Once awake, I changed the oil in my car. This is the first time I've done it in the driveway rather than inside the garage. At least in good weather I think I like that!

Then I showered, washed my hair, and headed out to Home Depot to return some items that it turns out will not work. And some things that I don't yet know about, but if I need them I'll buy them again. While I was there I bought a few things -- the anti-rodent-but-might-work-on-ants-too device, and some AA batteries.

Getting on 2pm I realized that I'd not had breakfast. Stopped at Wendy's. Considered going to Meijer to do the other half of the shopping I needed to do, but decided that I really wanted to get home instead.

Mowed most of the front. Plugged the mower in for an hour. Mowed a bit more. Plugged the mower in for 2 hours. Decided that I was going to stop there -- "enough has been done" by decree.

Learned that if you microwave something that you had frozen in a Dannon Yogurt container on high without removing the lid, that the clear plastic will melt/vaporize/otherwise disappear.

Finished the comic order. I should drop it off on Wednesday. Also finished my research on how to set the date/time on the cash register they have that lost its little mind a few months ago. (I may be the only one who notices or cares beyond the staff, but I use that date.)

Again, slept until I woke up. I think I only took 11 hours, though. Several times during the day I lay down for a mini-nap. Didn't keep track, so I don't know if that brought me up to the 13 hours I say I want/like/need.

I actually relaxed a short while -- Arwulf was reading a story by (thank you Google!) Eddie Conden about Fats Waller, recounting how he was supposed to make sure Fats got a band together and practiced before the recording gig. I'd heard it before, but with my memory all I knew was that it was a fun story and I liked it. And Arwulf could probably make the phone book entertaining.

Resolved that I'd do another cut at the lawn ;-) once I finished my green-sheets (finances) for April.

Ate another way-too-long-in-the-fridge item. This was a Most Delicious fruit cake that was made for the spouse "Happy Holiday -- December 2004" by the person that convinced me that fruitcake can be yummy. (Actually, I'm not that picky -- I even like the luminescent candied cherries, but I cannot abide citron which most people seem to feel the need to put into fruitcake.) I felt a little guilty, but (1) the spouse DID have some when it was fresh as I had insisted, (2) I had Strongly Suggested last November that it would be a Good Thing if the three fridge/freezer food-gift items were to be et, and the spouse agreed to my timetable, but did nothing, and (3) it truly had seen better days, although since it was in a plastic ziploc bag, the drying out and fridge-flavor was minimal. Later I ate the rest of the "kleine" that had been in the fridge and were gifted to the spouse/us no later than xmas of 2001.

Was amused to note papa-mallard under my bird feeder. Looking up expectantly. I figure the squirrels are messy enough that he's fed pretty well. I saw mama there a few days ago. The squirrels, are, however, taking quite a toll on the feeder -- it's rather falling apart. Perhaps I need a separate feeder for them.

I finished the green-sheets at about 10pm. Did not go out to mow. Forgot entirely about skiing until a friend called to remind me about exercising. Good timing! So I skied actually on Sunday.

Then I set to work cleaning off the bed. I had hoped to use the bed as a staging area to better be able to process large amounts of "stuff", but it got covered over in bathroom stuff, and when uncovered there was just not the time. So I found a place to pack it, and moved all the stuff.

Since I finished at 2:30 am, I did not at that time start a load of laundry. But I did manage to sleep in more than the 18 inches of space I've been using for the last over-4-months.

Possibly because I barely got to bed before 3am, I didn't really wake up until 8:20. Glad I bathed last night! zip zip -- didn't go by the bank to deposit my house-check. Didn't go by the Post Office (I try to go 3 times a week.) Dropped the 3 items I'd prepared into the mail drop outside of my office. Made it to work under 5 minutes late. Then I learned that is is not the 15th or the 17th that the price of postage goes up, but the 14th. Arrrgh.

Oops. Feeling able to come out from beneath a load of "stuff" I went to read the comics that I'm e-mailed by www.mycomicspage.com -- and realized that I've not gotten one since early April.

On the way home I stopped by the ATM and deposited the house-check.

Mowed as much as the mower would let me. I thought it was going to roll over and play dead before I finished the small triangle near the garage, but it let me finish that. It even let me get 3 and 2 halves sides of the perimeter. (Probably about 2/3 of the way.)

While mowing, I checked in on the raspberry/blackberry/whatever that I transplanted. They grow quite well under the deck (near the discharge of the sump) but are just too prickly to leave there, so despite my love for them (the season before they appeared I was thinking of how much I missed the raspberries we had at the house I grew up in) I hack and slash each year. When I have access to the ground near them, I dig them up and try to encourage them to take root off in a corner of the yard. This has never happened yet, though. There's a lot less water there. But the one I transplanted most recently seems to be growing. It has new leaves!

Several vines (I think most of them are grapes) have taken over our fence -- on the other side of the fence is a wild area next to a busy road -- to the point that I cannot open the gate. I was thinking that I really needed to hack and slash them into some semblance of control, but as I looked closer, I saw that they were providing fruit! Several miniature bursts of several grape-looking assemblages no larger than the end of my thumb. They're so Cuuuuuute. How can I hack and slash them?

Processed a load of dishes.

Tore down the bed and the futon. Did one hot load. Three warm loads. 2 cold loads so far -- not done yet. (I know the parents in my audience will have no pity.)

Made the bed up with the other set of sheets, and put the quilt that the spouse won in a raffle on. Now to find out if that'll keep me warm enough or if I'll need another blanket atop.

Made my first cut at packing for Germany. I always forget a lot, so I like to start early to give myself a chance to remember before I need to have it.

Since I'll be missing a Japanese class due to my trip to Germany, I've asked a classmate to record it for me. The problem is that my Olympus recorder will record only 2 classes before it needs to be emptied. I'll need to record day-after-tomorrow, he'll get the week following, but then I'll need to record the week after that. The spouse has a recorder just like mine, but I cannot find it. So, I have set up another recording device. I believe it will handle this week's class, leaving the Olympus to catch the next 2 weeks.

About 1am I started getting ready for bed.

Spam reduction explained
I think I said something here about wondering why on 3/27 I went from half my mail being spam to getting 2 pieces of spam. (My yahoo spam has been steadily increasing.)

The mystery is now explained:

A new anti-spam tool called "PenaltyBox" was activated on the U-M mail
gateway machines on March 26. It has resulted in a noticeable reduction in
the amount of spam received by many members of the U-M community.

Still to do -- another load of laundry or two, process some already-done laundry, pack the things I already remember I've forgotten for Germany, process the Stack O Stuff that has the last couple years worth of statements and stuff for a dozen or 2 accounts/companies, read the last few years worth of Sing Out! that I collect but somehow always put it on the stack as it's not highest priority, read the last year and a half worth of comics I've not had time for, sell my old comics -- eBay probably -- I just don't have the room, water my plants at home, re-pot my plants at work, prepare an APA contribution -- since I'll be in Germany when I should be mailing it out I need to do it before-hand, Work on figuring out what I'll be doing in my 3 weeks in Japan, where I'll be going, what I want to see, where I'll be staying, process all the recordings I've made from class to keep the useful stuff to play to help me remember what I've "learned", figure out if I can, and if so how I can, recharge my MP3 player without a computer -- to play these Japanese lessons, at work clean out another month of Outlook mail -- it's been griping about me being out of room for just over a week now, and about a million and a half small cleanings and/or tossings.

And, in under a week, go pick up the spouse.
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