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Yet More (but never enough) work on the house and at work. 
11th-May-2007 02:16 pm
At the rate I was going when the pizza was delivered (here at work), I'm hoping to have cleaned off on corner of my desk by the end of the day. A roughly 8.5 X 11 corner. I have stuff stacked pretty high there. I dug down to 10/28/2003. Threw away most of what I've found -- so far have kept only 2 inches worth, have made 2 runs down to empty my recycle bin. That includes a dozen manila folders (6 of them with the tab on the left) and a few random items that I don't yet have a folder for. Then I found some stuff from 10/13/1997. That got tossed. Then I found some old mainframe stuff from 2/6/1991. That hurt, but I tossed it too. The stuff from 11/30/1990 I couldn't bear to toss, so I've put that in a folder.

I actually cleared about 2 feet wide by the 2.5 or 3' depth of that end of the desk. Some of it stacked several feet high. Made 3 runs total to the larger recycle bin.

Threw away my painfully gathered list of differences between SAS 6.06 and 6.08. Threw away the 2001 Holiday party list of songs that were so full of typos that I corrected them.

Took one item from about 5 years ago to the person who'd been the lead on that project, and she insisted I give it to hear (although it was covered with my notes) rather than throwing it out.

In the course of the last few days at home I have recycled many glass & plastic bottles. Some of them were just water bottles set aside for reuse, some were Snapple or Sobe (so CUUUUUTE) that I've used for water -- and used to make fridge tea in until I got tired of the mold that grew. Some were cute miniature alcohol containers. I went back and forth on them for a long time. Finally I decided that since I would be, er, mortified to, if someone else had to clean out my stuff, have them ask "Why was this saved -- just to leave it on the window sill and gather dust??!?" So out they went.

Wednesday night I ate the last of the spice bread made by the spouse's mom that I think we must have gotten for Christmas of 2001. There had been a small white (fossilized?) smidge (thumbnail sized) of fuzzy mold -- but it was just on the surface and I cut it off. Yum.

Thursday I'd not had dinner (and got home late due to Japanese class), so I nuked some meat I'd discovered in the freezer. Also cleaned my lazy-susan 3-tier utensil thingy -- I'll clean the utensils themselves and put them back in soon. Put some more stuff back into the bathroom -- I've gotten everything (of mine) off of the floor on the spouse's side of the bed. I think there is no more bathroom stuff on top of the bed either (although there is still some paperwork and laundry.) I'm beginning to think I just might be able to finish this task!

This is not good. I don't know if it's just that I'm tired (I'm not sure I believe people who say they can train themselves to need less sleep) or if there's something physical (coming down with a cold?) or hormonal going on, but I just don't want to do anything. I felt like that a little bit Wednesday night at home (when I went to bed/nap rather than working) but it's hitting me hard now. I'd describe it as "depression" except I don't think I have anything to be unhappy about. I'm working on one of the high priority "comes in bursts" tasks at work, and am having a hard time concentrating on it.

Got a call from the spouse. Everything is still on schedule.

Still to do -- place the comic order, do my "green sheets" for April, finish loading the bathroom with the STUFF I took out to paint (cleaning it as I went), remove everything else from the top of the bed, finish putting the stuff from the kitchen back where it goes... I've reordered a bit, so I'm making that up as I go, do another several loads of laundry (including the bed-sheets), re-make the bed (difficult solo), about a million and a half small cleanings and/or tossings.

And, in just over a week, go pick up the spouse.
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