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More (but never enough) work on the house 
10th-May-2007 10:10 am
After work, I donated 4.5 hours (my most precious commodity) to facilitating the endeavours of a friend -- and I took in a concert and got to greet several friends and fond acquaintances. Once home, I worked on the laundry, mended 3 shirts, cleaned out the freezer (woo hoo!), moved a few more items back into the bathroom and continued my battle with the ants.

I think it was 2:22 when I finally hit the hay.

Tuesday is my "get home at midnight" day, but I actually got home rather sooner than that today. Removed everything (toaster, etc.; flour/sugar/etc.; empty to-be-re-used containers...) from the counter to the right of the sink, in the corner, next to the stove. Scrubbed that bit of counter. Drowned a few more ants. (I really hate that!) Noticed a bunch of ants on a dish-towel that I'd had under my tea pot on the left side of the sink. (No, there shouldn't have been any sugar on that.) Dumped the towel into the full sink. Gathered the garbage (Wednesday is pickup) and the recycling. Put the garbage (collected from the entire house -- more than I've ever put out at one time before), the yard waste (all the sticks I picked up while mowing through last Saturday), and the recycling out at the curb. Brought the recycling back to the garage since they do that every _other_ week and this is not the week. Processed more laundry. (FINALLY am done with that batch.) Didn't start skiing until after midnight. When I was done, I was so tired that I just lay on the floor next to the Nordic Track until I felt I could move. At 1:11 I lay down on the futon (lights on, not having bathed or brushed my teeth or put in my bite splint) figuring I'd get up in a few hours and do more.

The next time I saw was 5:55 (I do seem to like those repetitive numbers). I growled at the clock and fell back asleep until 7am when the alarm went off. I just "never" shower in the morning before work, but I made an exception today. Since I was up and moving so early I also filled the bird feeder and checked out the still-standing-water from all of our mighty rains and what the sump pump has deposited since. (I moved the direction of the out-flow last weekend, but where it had been is still soggy.)

I left work fairly early -- a bit after 5. Was so brain-fried, though, that I sat in the parking lot and played a game on my palm until I thought I could drive. Went by the comic store, and then headed home the back way -- not the way my GPS prefers, but the way I prefer. Except when it's closed. I turned around (small cars can do that) and cut off through the campus with the wrong-bird mascot. I'm not really familiar with the campus, but every exit I found was blocked. One car cut off around the barricades, bumping across the torn-up road, but I chose not to do that. I wasn't sure I could find my way back out, so I fished my GPS out and set it up. As it got a lock, I saw the street I'd turned off of. Got home. Then sat out in the driveway for a while because (since I have all the storage stuff inside, I'm parking outside) it was pouring. The rain finally passed, and I got the mail and went in. Removed everything (all my spices, coffeepot ...) from the counter to the left of the sink and scrubbed that. Skied about 8:30. Put the spices back, cleaning the jars as I went. Put a few more things back into the bathroom. Was expecting a phone call, so I put on a headset and went to "nap". You'd think by now I'd know better! I woke up at 1:45, put the phone away, brushed my teeth and grabbed my bite splint and went to bed.

Ignored the alarm at 7, 7:45, when I heard the radio at 8, though I figured I'd better start moving. Then I remembered that I'd not bathed last night. Oops. 2 days in a row now I got a shower! But since I washed my hair yesterday I made today a fast one.

Today at work we're having a "Green Day". We're not supposed to schedule anything, but rather clean our desk and scrub out our electronic folders too. I've needed this for so long, but I think a "green week" would be even better. (I started the day with 184 unread messages in Outlook, only 5 of which were spam -- and I've been getting the "out of room" messages all week...)

Still to do -- place the comic order, do my "green sheets" for April, finish loading the bathroom with the STUFF I took out to paint (cleaning it as I went), remove everything else from the top of the bed, do another several loads of laundry (including the bed-sheets), re-make the bed (difficult solo), about a million and a half small cleanings and/or tossings.

And, in under 10 days, go pick up the spouse.
11th-May-2007 03:41 am (UTC)
We used to get a bunch of ants every spring. Several years ago, Sharon found and bought a couple of Pestacators, and we're rarely seen them since. It's an electronic device that sends pulses through the house wiring to repel pests. The web site advertises them mainly for dealing with rodents, but they sure seem to have solved our ant problem.

We have two, one on each floor. Sharon tells me she found them at Walgreen's, in the same area as the insect sprays.
11th-May-2007 01:38 pm (UTC)
Heh. If they work on spiders and centipedes and other critters too that would be grand. Thanks for the tip. Especially if it doesn't interfere with electronics. (Although I expect if it did it would not be a solution in your house.)
12th-May-2007 07:19 pm (UTC)
The CVS near my house didn't have them, but I went to Home Depot today and picked one (at that price I'd want to be more sure before just buying two) up. Yes, I have multiple floors, (4 if you count the basement -- it's a split-level house) but I figure I'll start with that -- after all the kitchen is in the middle-level, and that's where the ants were. Of course, I only saw 2 ants yesterday, so I suppose, if it works, all I'll ever be SURE of is that it keeps elephants out, but the same could be said of the anti-spider devices I've bought which (at least) don't work (on *all* spiders). (They bug me when I'm in range, and it's possible there are FEWER spiders, but I've watched spiders use them to start their web.)
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