mbumby (mbumby) wrote,

Lyrics Meme part 2

In a prior entry I listed my caveats and the
lyrics for y'all to guess. Here's the current status, along with a few hints:

(Please guess before you look at what others have guessed.)


  (1) Darlin', you're almost the best
       Just about as good as nearly all the rest

Male singer. Kind of country, kind of funny.

  (2) There's a little voice in every head
       In fact there's usually two.

Rather funny. I assume 2 women singing.

  (3) Ok... I can't find the lyrics, and can't understand them, but they sound like:
       Clouds of grey gone to Winter
       Spring has blown from the rain

I really wish I could understand the words. I like her voice a lot.

  (4) This is for all the lonely, lonely, people in this lonely world.
       Noone seems to know you, not even you; you are one lost soul

This is a very Christian song -- I like her voice a lot, and I've seen her perform.

  (5) (Bum, bum-bum, Bum Bum, bum-bum)
       We know that Gamma Ray explosions happen randomly all over the sky
       (It's like a lottery, a ticket for each square degree)

A Cappella science-oriented group. I think much of their stuff would fit quite well in the filkroom.

  (6) I've been lonesome, lonesome as the old blue moon. X2
       I've been searching for somebody, lord won't you send me somebody soon.

A blues number with a female singer on this song, although the name of the group seems male.

  (7) (dialog -- 2 guys talking for 18 seconds)
       I hate the sky dome and the CN tower too
       I hate Nathan Phillips square and the Metro zoo

I googled on the lyrics and found some very similar ones by the Arrogant Worms. Don't know who wrote it, but I think I've heard it performed in a filkroom.

  (8) My grandfather's clock was too tall for the shelf
       so it stood Ninety years on the floor.

I expect this is not a challenge... except perhaps to figure the artist I would have downloaded from MP3.com.
   & Guessed by catalana & starcat_jewel

  (9) Johnny awoke with an ache in his head, bad dreams had made him ill
       and he grumbled as he dressed despite his duress as he made his way to the mill.

A ghost story by an "if not fannish at least scadian" group.

(10) Can you tell me if this nightmare journey's ever gonna end
       I hear that there's a clearing in the jungle up ahead.

Not quite a talking blues. More musical than that. Can't find lyrics on web, so I might have goofed.

(11) (odd sound effects, 911 call?) ** is the lyrics I really can't understand.
       ** chillin' in my ride and my ** chillin' by my side with a 20 ** and a 40 to kill.
       A little Morgan and some heavies and ** to **. The ** is f*cked up...

More rap/dub than usual for this guy -- he's usually pretty punk. More so than I usually like, but I thought he was good enough to keep several of his tunes. I also thought he was QUITE young.

(12) They turned their backs on all the land.
       They turned to face the golden sand.

You really need stereo to listen to this one. Male singer. Folkish, with a drum beat.

(13) In my youth, to tell you the truth, I listened to old paddy's songs
       I'd sing all day and I'd play all night, drove my girlfriend insane

Kind of Irish-folk. Possibly autobiographical.

(14) Again the rains are late this year, again the fields are dry and crops are dead.
       Today the bank refused to give me an extension for the loan.

I like his voice (and several of his songs) a lot. Accompanied by a guitar.

(15) (nearly 30 seconds of talking about the song)
       We always say we're sorry, we like to stand in line.
       When ya ask us how we're doing we always say "just fine".

A Canadian folk band with drums.

(16) First Rain. Don't look for me because I won't be home tonight.
       First Rain. You say maybe later while someone else holds me tight.

Moody song with hand-played drums.

(17) Well, I've walked around, and I've talked around
       All the streets of this old mill-town I call home.

Political commentary. They're good at that. Never heard them except on MP3.com, but I'd like to see them perform.

(18) She would sing a winter song, it'd warm our hearts on the coldest morn
       Brighten up the darkest day and help us on our way.

The title of the song is enclosed in the cut. Never heard the song before nor of the artist.

(19) Worlds grow old and suns grow cold
       and death we never can doubt

This is a gimme -- especially if you're a filker who's been around a while.
   & Guessed by catalana & starcat_jewel

(20) Come all ye young rebels and list while I sing
       For the love of ones country is a terrible t'ing

   & Guessed by hrj
Another gimme... I thought.

catalana guessed first with 2 correct.
hrj, starcat_jewel also guessed correctly.

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