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Another productive, but not productive enough, weekend.

On Saturday I did the 3rd pass on mowing the back lawn -- it usually takes 3 times before it's all done at the start of the season. (Electric, cordless mower) Possibly since I gave up early on the first pass, and possibly since we got a LOT of rain last week, 3 wasn't enough. I plugged it in and did some stuff inside, and then just before my shower on Saturday I took it out again and got a little bit more done, but still couldn't finish.

Cleaning the sink out I used much baking soda. I seem to be out of small containers -- the only one I have in my "pantry" is a 10 pound box. I am thinking of decanting that into smaller jars (which I will leave in the box for easy identification) -- but unfortunately the IDEAL jar is something I, in a fit of cleaning about a month ago, recycled many of.

I was overjoyed to be able to vacuum the floor in the upstairs bathroom!

4th pass on the lawn today, and it is finally done. And there was enough juice left to re-mow some from the first pass. The grass and dandelions have been growing fast enough that each day when I come back I can easily tell where I stopped each prior day. The front yard is awash in yellow and purple. Guess the next time I get home and it's still light out I'll need to start the process over.

As I went into the kitchen to wash the drawers from the refrigerator I noticed that there were many moving black dots. Closer, and I saw that our ants are back. *sigh*. I like ants, but, like spiders, I've decided that they really do not belong inside. There were too many to consider escorting them outside as I will often do with stragglers, so I washed a few dozen down the drain. It didn't take me long to realize that some percentage of them came right back up the drain. At that point I moved the dish drainer from the 2nd half of the sink, plugged that drain, and put a plug in the primary half as well. Whenever I washed more down the sink, I'd wash off the underside of that plug and find 3 or 4 more. This battle continued all evening. Every dozen minutes or so I'd go down and pick up another half-dozen ants and introduce them to the faucet. It's amazing how tightly they can cling to a sponge being hit with that much water.

I put away (having cleared much of the bathroom stuff from the foothills of that dresser) the laundry I'd folded from the prior loads I'd done, and started, slowly, folding and processing the last loads. But since they are not ON the bed, they are lower priority.

I had only done a little bit of the Stack-O-Mail processing when I realized that it was already 8:30, and I'd better ski. Done skiing, I finally got through the entire stack. Not really as good as it sounds: The obvious trash is recycled or shredded or thrown out. The spouse's stuff is triaged into one of four categories to the best of my ability. Any of my "It's from the bank -- I need to put that into Quicken/onto green sheets/whatever", or my "gotta keep this for CYA" or my "right -- this bill is directly deducted, I need to write that in" stuff is in a pile with the last 'n' months of similar items. But I have my 18" back, and actually slept in the bed last night.

I finished with the mail a bit after midnight. One more ant-patrol and I was going to go to bed, but I saw, and was thus reminded, that the fridge really needs cleaning. 45 minutes later it was emptied. Half an hour after that, I'd pretty much finished cleaning the fridge out. (The freezer is a task for another day.) Reassembled the fridge -- actually put it together differently than it had been -- I figured out how to move some (yes, that DOES mean that some of them defeated me) of the shelves and did. Ten or fifteen minutes later I'd put the stuff back in, rather more organized than it had been. I discovered a few items that I hadn't known where were, a few items that I'd forgotten about, and a few I'll swear I never knew about at all.

(aside: on Saturday I actually found the dessicated carcasses of 2 limes that had migrated to the back of the fridge and hidden. Quite cool. Unusual texture. And they're hard -- you can knock them together as a percussion instrument. If I had a third, they might juggle quite well.)

I opened many of the jars as I put them back into the fridge. I only saw for-sure mold in one item. On another, I saw mini black dots on the lid and decided that while it was an expensive spread, I used it infrequently enough that I'd rather be safe than sorry. The mustard... well, I didn't see mold on that, but I saw what might have been a shadow and what might have been discoloration, so that I scooped a bit out of, and it smelled alright, so I tossed the bit I wasn't sure of and re-fridged the rest. The 2 containers of salsa looked fine. No visible issues at all. But ye gods and little fishes I still gag to remember the smell! Down the drain with all of these. Filled the sink with hot water and soap and left the jars to soak.

Back to the computer, a little bit of LJ, bathed, and I finally went to bed about 3:17.


Still to do -- clean the freezer, place the comic order, do my "green sheets" for April, finish loading the bathroom with the STUFF I took out to paint (cleaning it as I go), remove everything else from the top of the bed, process currently-clean laundry, do another several loads of laundry (including the bed-sheets), re-make the bed (difficult solo), about a million and a half small cleanings and/or tossings.

And, in under 2 weeks, go pick up the spouse.
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