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Typical Saturday Morning

Last night I finished the "stuff" I was working on at about midnight. (More stuff put back into the bathroom, although I've still not processed the Stack-O-Mail.) Trying to decide whether I should prep for the gathering I'm going to today or not, my lack of sleep won, and I was in bed by 12:01.

The radio came on at 8am but I didn't get up until about 10. Did a little more work in the bathroom, and then decided that I really needed to get breakfast. But first I need to clear a path to the sink. Not the floor, I can step over that stuff, but the stuff IN the sink. Put away what was in the dryer. Realized that the other sink-half that the dryer sits in looked cruddy, so I cleaned that. Then I emptied the dish-washer (putting the stuff that had water sitting in it into the newly emptied drainer), and filled it with the stuff that had been in the sink.

Ok, now I have a sink. Pulled a yogurt out of the far-back of a shelf. It was set to expire in July. I don't know what year. It had reduced to 3/4 of its original size, and looked like something had lived in it for a while -- the gelatinous surface was broken by a small indentation. Those of you who know how much I hate throwing things away may be relieve to know that I utilized the newly cleared sink and garbage disposal. Then I pulled out a bag of 4 yogurts (*sigh*) that were set to expire in June. They'd been in a drawer, and I have no memory of putting them there. I know I live by "out of sight out of mind", so only certain things that I will look for and that don't go bad go into drawers. They went to join their older brother. While I was at it, I emptied the 2 drawers and put them into the sink. I'll deal with them tomorrow. (I need to mow the lawn, prep for this aforementioned gathering, spend much of the day with friends (relaxing like I don't usually get to) and I don't expect to get back today with energy to work.) Tomorrow, also, I'll process ... whatever it is that has collected under those drawers at the bottom of the fridge.

Meanwhile, I still need something for breakfast. Bread and veggies go bad before I'll eat them, so I don't tend to have those on hand. Finally I realized that I had some ham (Christmas gift) in the freezer -- I think I'll defrost that. Chow down. Prep stuff for the gathering, Put on grungies and mow the lawn, then come in and shower, and leave.
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