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August 2006 trip report part 3 
19th-Sep-2006 12:12 am

Thursday, 8/24/2006

This morning all 3 of us (we were sharing the room with a friend) were careful with our towels. As many hotels do these days, there was a sign up indicating that we could help save the environment by leaving our towels hanging if we were going to use them again. This morning all 3 of the towels were taken away and replaced with new ones. (No great surprise. I think perhaps only one hotel in the last dozen years has actually left us our towels.)

We ran into about a dozen more folks we knew whom we'd not seen yesterday, and I met someone whom I'd only ever seen on-line. I dropped off some comic books with one of the dealers -- the comics belonged to a relative of a friend, and I'd been offered a low-ball price for the entire box by a non-enthusiastic dealer, and I sold a portion of the box for that same price... Guess I now need to learn to use eBay (in my copious free time) to try to sell the rest for her.

This evening was a memorial gathering for a friend who had passed on early this year. The gathering was small and friendly. Wine & Cheese and conversation.

Also, a crowd of friends had scored a suite, so we hung out there for much of the evening -- the spouse more than I, as I'm rather less social and more introverted, and it was an open party, and frequently became too loud &/or crowded for me. Got a chance to see a theremin there again. Cool!

Friday, 8/25/2006

Having had their wishes ignored yesterday, my two roommates just threw their towels on the floor. I, ever the drone, hung mine up. For the only time during our stay there, my wishes were respected, and my towel was not replaced.

Yesterday we had breakfast at a nearby IHOP, but today we wandered in the other direction and found a place called Coco's. It seems to be a local chain, and was quite good. We had breakfast there every day for the rest of our stay.

I believe that today was the day that we attended a memorial filk-sing for another friend we lost recently.

A friend in the LA area drove out to have dinner with us at Tiffy's. (We picked them because they had a parking lot and were quite close to our hotel.) Was great to see her, and the visit was way too short, but she'd not been getting enough sleep recently, and needed to change that, so she couldn't stay too late.

This was fine with me, because I was quite interested in going to parties (yeah, that's unusual for me) tonight. There were several I was interested in, but the one by Meisha Merlin (a book publisher) is the only one I remember now. It may well be that I'd have stuck my nose in, realized it was too crowded... or too dead... and left, but I wanted to make that choice.

However, after dinner we went back to the convention center on the mission of tracking down the spouse's phone which had disappeared. After a bunch of walking, and dealing with various lost and found folks (the con -- ops and the con suite and each of several hotels) I was just too beat, and went to bed. Bitterly disappointed that I'd not make it to the parties, but it just wasn't an option.
19th-Sep-2006 03:48 pm (UTC)
Oooh! When you learn to sell stuff via eBay, teach me!

A shame you missed parties. It felt like I went to more than usual this Worldcon, but maybe it's because I hadn't been to a Worldcon in a couple of years. Won't be going next year, so I hope you'll post your experiences.
19th-Sep-2006 06:19 pm (UTC) - sharing knowledge/experience
For you, sweetie -- anything!
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