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Lyrics meme 
2nd-May-2007 09:50 am
This seemed like a lot of fun, and I played when I saw it on erinwrites's Journal:

Access your iPod, Media Player or music storage device of choice,
set it to random, and post the opening lyrics to the first 20 songs that come around,
then let the friends-list guess the songs and artists.
Offer fabulous prizes if do-able; if not, offer virtual pats on the head.

       (I'll offer just virtual pats unless someone really blows me away with their responses. Then I'll figure it out.)

Don't peek until you've guessed. You can e-mail me with guesses if you like.

mbumby caveats:

I expect this will be difficult. These are not "mainstream" songs, but rather things I stumbled across while crawling the web and decided to keep.

There are a few "gimmes", especially if you're a filker.

The lyrics as written are generally not researched, but are rather what I heard. If you correct me on a silly mistake, feel free to laugh at me a little.

There are a couple of attached songs that heck if I know the lyrics, and I can't find them on the web, so I just took a stab at understanding them. (Extra points if you know the song and correct my understanding.)

I'll have to keep good notes, otherwise I'll never be able to decide if you're right or not. Most of these songs I only ever hear when I'm trying to drown out noise at work.

(Amusingly, after I figured out how to handle the large bunch of foreign tunes I have, I got 6 instrumental songs (which I skipped), but nary a Russian, Italian, or Swedish song.)

The songs follow:

  (1) Darlin', you're almost the best
       Just about as good as nearly all the rest

  (2) There's a little voice in every head
       In fact there's usually two.

  (3) Ok... I can't find the lyrics, and can't understand them, but they sound like:
       Clouds of grey gone to Winter
       Spring has blown from the rain

  (4) This is for all the lonely, lonely, people in this lonely world.
       Noone seems to know you, not even you; you are one lost soul

  (5) (Bum, bum-bum, Bum Bum, bum-bum)
       We know that Gamma Ray explosions happen randomly all over the sky
       (It's like a lottery, a ticket for each square degree)

  (6) I've been lonesome, lonesome as the old blue moon. X2
       I've been searching for somebody, lord won't you send me somebody soon.

  (7) (dialog -- 2 guys talking for 18 seconds)
       I hate the sky dome and the CN tower too
       I hate Nathan Phillips square and the Metro zoo

  (8) My grandfather's clock was too tall for the shelf
       so it stood Ninety years on the floor.

  (9) Johnny awoke with an ache in his head, bad dreams had made him ill
       and he grumbled as he dressed despite his duress as he made his way to the mill.

(10) Can you tell me if this nightmare journey's ever gonna end
       I hear that there's a clearing in the jungle up ahead.

(11) (odd sound effects, 911 call?) ** is the lyrics I really can't understand.
       ** chillin' in my ride and my ** chillin' by my side with a 20 ** and a 40 to kill.
       A little Morgan and some heavies and ** to **. The ** is f*cked up...

(12) They turned their backs on all the land.
       They turned to face the golden sand.

(13) In my youth, to tell you the truth, I listened to old paddy's songs
       I'd sing all day and I'd play all night, drove my girlfriend insane

(14) Again the rains are late this year, again the fields are dry and crops are dead.
       Today the bank refused to give me an extension for the loan.

(15) (nearly 30 seconds of talking about the song)
       We always say we're sorry, we like to stand in line.
       When ya ask us how we're doing we always say "just fine".

(16) First Rain. Don't look for me because I won't be home tonight.
       First Rain. You say maybe later while someone else holds me tight.

(17) Well, I've walked around, and I've talked around
       All the streets of this old mill-town I call home.

(18) She would sing a winter song, it'd warm our hearts on the coldest morn
       Brighten up the darkest day and help us on our way.

(19) Worlds grow old and suns grow cold
       and death we never can doubt

(20) Come all ye young rebels and list while I sing
       For the love of ones country is a terrible t'ing

2nd-May-2007 03:04 pm (UTC)
8. is probably Grandfather's Clock - is it the Frank Hayes (?) version?
19 is Hope Eyrie, but there's a gazillion versions out there. Could be Leslie, could be BBB...lots of options.
2nd-May-2007 04:15 pm (UTC)
8 - Correct, but it is not Frank. (With the weird way I got my music, no points off for missing the artist; I'd never heard of him.)

19 - Yep.
2nd-May-2007 03:41 pm (UTC)
#20 is The Patriot Game, but there are a lot of possible performers. (I think the version I have is on a Judy Collins album, but I rather doubt that's one of the typical default versions.)
2nd-May-2007 04:21 pm (UTC)
Indeed. The singer is male, and I think I found him on mp3.com back when it was good. That's the only place I've encountered him.
2nd-May-2007 07:16 pm (UTC)
#14 sounds like a Stan Rogers song, but I can't place it
2nd-May-2007 07:51 pm (UTC)
You're right, it does. But it's not.
2nd-May-2007 07:27 pm (UTC)
Well, #8 and #19 are gimmies: Frank Hayes' "Grandfather Clock" and Leslie Fish's "Hope Eyrie" respectively.

#20 is definitely scanning TTTO "The Times They Are A-Changin'" by Dylan, but I suspect it's a filk version that I don't have.
2nd-May-2007 07:55 pm (UTC)
#8 -- Not Frank's, but I'll give it to you anyhow. #19 of course.

#20... I don't think I'd call this "filk".
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