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End of an era, coffee-shop review

This morning I ran away from work and went to Storage to tell them I had finished moving out of my unit nearly a week earlier than I had told them I would. A friend with a cooler head than I told me I shouldn't really tell them why I was going until I'd received (and cashed) the refund check -- which since I had "more than 2 complete months remaining" I would be receiving. (The new company is not responsible for refunding partial months.) I've been in there on and off since the mid '80's, and constantly in this unit since '95.

A coffee shop opened in Ypsilanti a while ago. I drive past it semi-regularly. Their parking situation sucks (one of the reasons I've never stopped by) but I REALLY like the name:
The Ugly Mug.

On Saturday, I needed to get gas, and jebra went with, and we stopped by there on the way back to the house. When I stepped through the door I was assaulted by a burning odor. Wasn't sure if it was just beans, but I didn't think so; it was rather nastier than that. And it didn't go away. It seems to be a VERY smoker-friendly environment. I was not able to walk to the back, and even standing near the door was most unpleasant. I thought the mocha tasted good, although jebra prefers that from The Plymouth Coffee Bean.

Dang. I really wanted to like them. They have a sort of quirky environment. Seats around tables in the back, odd artwork on the walls, theater-style seats (they fold up when you're not sitting in them) around tables in the front. Many books (paperback, I seem to recall) along a huge bookshelf. Chess table near the back. Very friendly.

So, if you don't mind, or like, smoke in your air it is a fun-seeming (although not terribly inexpensive) place to go, to hang out. Perhaps to study. I don't know if they'd like you pulling your guitar out, but I don't know that they'd mind. But if you have a sensitivity to smoke, just don't go. When I finally got outside, I was reeling, choking and gagging for a few minutes. (And I woke up the next day with a scratchy throat.)

If we pass a law in Ypsi preventing smoking inside an establishment, and if it looks like I'll be able to get into the building without running too much of a gauntlet, I'll give them another go. After a month or so.

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